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Breach Of Contract

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Today I received my latest bill from TT and noticed an increase of £2 per month in charges for my Unlimited Telephone Calls package.


I would like to point out that what I signed up for was a FIXED PRICE CONTRACT FOR 24 MONTHS frpm 2/11/2018. You are therefore IN BREACH of the written agreement, which is clearly shown in the email I received from you on 18/10/2018.


Support Team
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Hi @kevinjb


As our community stars have pointed out, Boosts are not included in the fixed price plan  and are subject to change as per Small print found on our website below:


Fixed Price Plans refer to Fast Broadband; Faster Fibre, Faster 150 Fibre and Ultra Fibre Optic plans. These Fixed Price Plans will have no price increases on the monthly charges during the minimum contract period (this does not include Boosts or other charges, such as movies, calls or calling features). 


Calling Boosts

Monthly Boost charges are additional to your Fixed Price Plan and are subject to change. All Boosts have minimum duration of 1 month. Once added, you'll continue to receive the Boost until you opt-out or your broadband service ends (we need 48 hours' notice to terminate). We'll have the Boost activated as soon as possible but will confirm when it goes live with an activation email. Boosts are billed in advance.


Sorry for any confusion caused. 


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"Oh no they're not"


The only part of your contract that is fixed is the broadband price.


Boosts, are and always have been subject to price changes.

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Hi @kevinjb 


News about our prices indicates that the UK Calls Boost went up from the 7th January 2020 to £12 per month from the previous pricing of £10 per month.


The Boost prices can change but the broadband price stays fixed for the contract duration.


You'll usually get a notification on your regular billing notification email in the months preceeding any change.


Just in case there's a billing error I'll ask the TalkTalk team to check for you.

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