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Breached Data Protection / security on sign up

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First of all i would like to say "HI" to all the community and hope i get some meaningful advice as me being the father of the account holder who has mental health issues am currently furious at the way we have been ignored and treated via the complaints team / loyalty cancellations etc (all correspondence has been kept) due to the fact the internet service at my daughters house was non existent through a outage problem for 8 weeks and never returned .

I the father set up the account without my daughter being present gave all her necessary details paid the initial deposit and off we went (is this the norm under data Protection) i never mentioned her anxiety problems etc at this point.

Later down the line 6 wks + she experienced problems with not being able to connect, we rang and complained, requested a new router etc and were told the BT Open reach enginner would call, he did and left a note personally posted through my daughters letterbox with his personal contact no stating everything from the exchange to the house was fine and everything should be back to normal

It wasnt so more phone calls etc, in the end we were basically told there was a outage problem and had to wait for it to come back on / it never did.

My daughter cancelled the direct debit and was well within her rights to walk away without penalty under the terms / conditions / only oweing for the time the account went dormant.

We have continually tried to contact head of collection / fraud, sent emails to the loyalty department and the complaints team and havnt even had a courtesy reply.

I am currently writing to Head of Complaints at the CEO's office regarding the issues we have had to go through.

Most annoyingly my daughter has recently received a letter from debt collectors requesting £92.35, this is a joke.

My daughter has been back and forth from our property using our phones, our internet to try and resolve this for months only to have scripted replies all the times asking for account information she doesnt have.

I have stated she has mental health issues etc, we have tried to login with the details provided via talk talk when i set the account up to add myself as a nominated person to talk on her behalf but its not possible.

I have mailed the loyalty team this and have kept all copies and have been ignored off the complaints team too and have been very polite and patient.

TalkTalk were more than willing to let me set the account up for my daughter but will not talk to me without her permission because its a security breach etc..

Shouldn't of this  been the case when setting up the account in her absence ?

Please help us.



Thanks to all xx

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Hi  good morning, just to update............

I have paid the monies owing to talk talk, hoping to be credited for future months to reimburse for being misinformed etc..

I have it on a recorded message that data security has been breached off the person that set the account up in my daughters absence without her giving permission on the phone etc.. for talk talk to take bank details and perform a external credit check etc...

I dont expect a response off any OCE, we will just see were this goes.

It pays to be 1 step ahead all the time.


Thanks to all xx

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Seems we have been misinformed, the customer service advisor has given wrong information out from the offset resulting in hours of wasted emails phone calls etc...

Retraining is going to be offered and we have been appologised to.

I now have a complaints ref to hand  (2.5hrs on the phone)

Thanks to the Community team that have helped / ignored me lately.

It pays to be honest and correct.



Thanks to all xx

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TalkTalk OCEs are not normally available here at weekends, so you'll likely have to wait until Monday for any further assistance.


Messaging multiple OCEs and the Community Manager is only going to muddy the waters further as everyone will get a little bit of your story and not the whole overview.


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There is no real excuse when you PM them directly and also PM other OCE community team members asking if they will intervene and help get you in contact with the person involved (OCE_Debbie) I have emailed a reply to Stephen the "COMMUNITY MANAGER" about this !!!

This is the reason people like myself get into further trouble because when debt collectors get involved and give you time to resolve and get a complaints ref, you are simply ignored.

This again is doing my mental health issues no good.


Thanks to all xx

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It looks like our regular OCE Arne is away/ off / I hope he is not beset by something awful. 


The other OCEs are doing their best, but it looks like they don't know the intricacies of this part of the forum. 


For the time being our Arne is irreplaceable!



Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Debbie can i please ask why you have ignored me after i gave you the information you asked for and continue to do so ?
Thanks to all xx

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Will somebody please assist me in this matter, it seems i am now being ignored as i have PM,d a few of the help team but have not had a response.
Thanks to all xx

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Hi Debbie will you confirm receipt of the messages i have sent as i need a complaints reference for Monday

Thanks and sorry to be a burden.


Thanks to all xx

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Hi arena432


I have replied to your Private Message.






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I really appreciate you both responding, it is most welcome that someone is listening for once xx

I spoke with DRS  Moorgate Point, Liverpool on the phone yesterday and explained the circumstances (well my father did)

He has put the case on hold for 1 week & basically said he knows how frustrating it is but persevere and supply him with a Complaints Reference No before this coming Monday 3rd February 2020.

He supplied me with my Account Number that i have been requesting for ages so if you need it i have it.

TalkTalk are wanting me to pay for the duration my fibre internet was down (it never came back on) i eventually un-plugged the router.

I am prepared 100% to pay the bill up until the issues started but did state to talk talk that i shouldnt be expected to pay for a service you cant provide given the time it has been down and the BT engineer confirmed there were no problems etc (note & contact no personally posted to confirm this has i had to go to work)

I did plug my router back in last night 4.30pm but nothing happened as before.

As stated above i have kept copies of emails, txt messages etc.. and have done everything in my power to try and rectify the problem.

I do hope we can find a solution and a very big thankyou to you guys for respoding.

If i can be of any help please let me know. xxxxxx

Kind regards.



Thanks to all xx

Support Team
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Hi arena432


I'm really sorry to hear this.


Are you currently in contact with a Complaints Manager from our CEO's Office? If you are not then I can raise a complaint for you and escalate it to our Complaints Team.





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HI @arena432

I cant help with the problem you are having as i am just a customer but want you to know i was basically ignored until i followed the tips on this page...

Im still waiting for my deadlock letter and getting messed about with it but as soon as i told them i want my deadlock letter they started to respond to me better.


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If the TalkTalk team read this, we have been in contact with DRS today who have put the matter on hold for a week.

We have told them of the issue's relating to the Account & they have advised us to try and resolve with talk Talk.

My daughter has plugged the router back in tonight but nothing has happened ?

We now know the Acc No related to the account     Yipee xx

Without sounding cheeky will someone please advise of going the right way of escalating this problem to a claim with a claim no attached.


Thanks to all xx