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Broadband Upgrade

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My broadband speed is dire getting 16mb on the fibre 35 service. I used to get 28/30mb.  In all honesty it has been dropping for a while.  


In the My Account area it gives me the option of Upgrading to Fibre 65.  Went I try to upgrade it tells me its not possible stating


"Sorry, our line check shows you aren't able to upgrade to the selected TalkTalk package.  We are upgrading out network all the time so please check back soon."


Why is this happening? I did a speed check as a new customer it tells me I can get 15mb but my neighbours can get 42.5Mb-47.5mb.  Is there some sort of restriction on my line?  Is there something wrong with my account? I'd just like an internet connection that doesn't drag and stutter when there is more than 2 people online.


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Hi @ermintrude75


Thanks for you post.  Sorry that you are having problems. 


Can run a speed test with the router connected directly to the Test socket (behind the faceplate), Also can you check if there is any noise or interference on the line when you use the telephone. 




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In all honesty I think there is something wrong with the line. Did a broadband deal check web site. I put in the postcode I’m offered the 50 and 60mb speeds then I put my address/number in and they all disappear. Yet for others in my area they still stay. 

Thanks for the chat link. I couldn’t find it on the website


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Unfortunately Talktalk's advertising and communications tend to be generic, so not finely tuned to your particular situation, @ermintrude75.


You can reach phone help on 03451 720046 after 9am today. 


Chat is available any day from the link on this page:


Staff on the forum reply from Monday to Friday. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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30mb would be a dream. 

Why are they offering an upgrade on the service if it’s not available? Is this false advertising

Is it possible there is  a fault with my line? Especially when every house in my area is offered a higher speed that is physically impossible on my line. We all go to the same cabinet on the street so there shouldn’t be that much of a speed difference on the line. 


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Your line is not achieving speeds anywhere near close enough to 40Mbps, for the next level up to be viable, @ermintrude75. Even if you currently actually got 30Mbps, you would not benefit from the speedboost.


What your neighbours get is not relevant to what you can get on your line. 


There's also limited capacity at the cabinet for each provider. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.