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Broadband and Anytime Calls package

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Sky are currently advertising a combined Broadband and Anytime Calls package for £25 per month.

TalkTalk have just increased my Anytime Calls Boost by £2 per month, meaning that under my current discounted package, I will still be paying £6.50 a month more than I would with Sky.

Would TalkTalk like to reward existing customers by price matching.


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You could try haggling about the Anytime Calls price.


I'd be wary fiddling with your Broadband and Line Rental unless you are within the last 90 days of your contract, as whatever savings you make might be wiped out by admin fees for changing your contract midterm. 


The boost can be removed then re-added, with a minimum commitment of one month when it is added again. 


Phone LOYALTY after 9am: 03451 720046


Or use Chat, and keep a copy of the transcript,  @Marby.


Scroll down on this page for the link to Chat and details of opening hours:

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Why don't you contact customer services and ask them? You can't do a deal on the forums.