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Broadband offers...Part 2

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I have checked my Fast Broadband account and my contract ends 6th March much  less than 90 days( had a look through the T & C's but could find no mention of 90 it 90 or 60 ?)

Still seeing offers of £20 for 24 months, I click on the links.... but I still see £23.95 for 18 months after I log on...(even after deleting cookies).....and I've had no emails regarding renewal.

Surely renewing a contract should not be so problematic...?




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Many 2 year plan sorted this afternoon...


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Hi @allalogie


The Small print at the bottom of the Sales page says "Offer terms for existing customers - Offers for Fixed Price Plans advertised by TalkTalk are available to new and existing TalkTalk customers who have less than 90 days remaining within the minimum term of their old contract. Existing customers need to sign a new Fixed Price Plan contract"


The TalkTalk press release specifically quotes the 24 month £20 Fast Broadband price so when you call or LiveChat to the Loyalty Team if they don't offer you an even better price you can always quote from the 21 December press release.

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