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Broadband pricing versus Fibre

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Hi All,

          it has been a while since last I posted, things have been going well with the internet service, now however I am a very dissatisfied customer. I recently renewed my contract with Talktalk for fast broadband, the infrastructure here does not support fibre. My costs for fast broadband and UK calls £34 a month. I have just found today on logging out of my email a notice from Talktalk offering Fibre 65 and UK calls for £24 a month. I am not a happy bunny as the firm seems to be penalising me for the lack of fibre availability in my area. Anyone else feel similar frustration. If so what, if anything can we do about it? 


having a justified rant


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Similarly not available in my area, @Bankendrob.


Very frustrating as this service won't see any infrastructure benefit, despite it being subject to the recent £2.00 increase. 


There's nothing you can do unless you are prepared to leave and pay early termination fees if you have found another company that can provide Fibre in your area.


Fast Broadband is deliberately expensive, as part of the drive to encourage customers to upgrade to Fibre - but no good if there's no option!


Free calls are only occasionally included with offers. This part of your package is not subject to the Broadband and Line Rental agreement. 


As long as you have had it at least a month, you can remove it without penalty. 


If you see it advertised with a good discount, or free, this option might be worth considering.


Check what the current deal for it is with Talktalk.  To add it to your account, staff must remove the old Calls boost and then add it again with a new, better discount. 


Phone 03451 720046 after 9am. Chat may also be able to help. 


You can reach them when the link shows a blue background banner on this page:

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.