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Call Safe is excellent - except that it doesn't work when you are out/away and switch your voicemail on. In these cases callsafe will ask for caller's name and play it back. If I'm not here to hear the name then the call gets blocked.


As a result I have had to turn off Call Safe (at least for the time being) - and I am already getting plagued by scam phone calls.

A. F. Bennell
Community Star

The call doesn't or shouldn't get blocked. It acts the same as if you just hang up without answering it or as if you used option 2.


The next time the caller phones they will again be asked to state who they are.


You can checked blocked numbers in the manage Callsafe section of my account, but unfortunately, not now you have turned it off.



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I have just activated my Call Safe feature and have a similar problem. If I have not accepted all of my regular accepted incoming calls on my landline and am away from the landline which has an answering machine, if I am not there to take and accept the call, a message will not be left as I have not accepted the call. Not a very good idea TalkTalk. What is the solution, turn call safe off everytime you go out of the house, I dont think so