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Can't change billing email

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Hi all,

got a letter today from TalkTalk saying emails they send re my billing, are not getting through. If the next email fails they will send paper bills and charge me £2.75.

I logged into my account and yes, the email address I use for billing no longer exists. So my error.

But ... I cannot change it. I select from the box my long standing email that I use every day but then get an error message as per image attached.


I phoned them up and after half an hour, the lady just about understood what I wanted doing. Apart from asking me for my password which I refused to give, she said they had changed it their end, but could not change it on the website as there was an error. She will advice whatever department of this (sorry didn't quite understand what she said).


I have been trying to contact someone at TalkTalk to get confirmation that the next invoice notificiation will be sent to the revised email and not the old one. Apart from chat which was not available and phone number, which I cannot face using again ..... is there an email address I can use to contact someone at TalkTalk who will be able to sort this for me?


I am sure I am not the only one who is not able to change the billing email address.

Getting very frustrated.

Thanks all for any advicetalktalk notification.jpg


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Hi Dif52,


Pleased to hear this has been resolved but apologise for any inconvenience caused.


Thanks for letting us know,




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I have got the answer to this I think. Someone from TalkTalk contacted me and explained that they no longer accept emails as they bounce back and that is probably why I could not do it online. They have now put my email in as the default. For years they have accepted just a shame they never sent an email out saying I had to change it. But all is sorted now. I can still use tiscali as an email, just not with them, lol. Thanks