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Can’t register to myaccount

First Timer
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I’m in a loop. I can’t register!! Driving me insane. Spent hours and hours on the phone with customer service who has no clue what’s going on. I keep getting different info from every single one I speak to. Anyway, when I put my email in I get a verification code, insert it and then put my new password it. I then get an error saying “something went wrong, try again”. I’ve been trying for over a week now. 
there was a previous order to my name that was cancelled, but with a different email. This is also what adds to the frustration. I’ve had really bad bad baaaad experiences with talktalk and my contract has not even started! I don’t know if the previous order is somehow blocking me from signing up, even if the email address was different. Customer service first told me it’ll be 2-5 days, then 5-7 and now I was told 28 days for someone to get back to me regarding an escalation. 
On top of that I was told I’ll get a £75 credit to my account for the hassle with the multiple order which wasn’t done at all. I spent 56 minutes on the phone to someone who try to bargain with me that they’ll give me half of it which I refused and in the end I got what I was promised from the beginning. Really terrible customer service.. 


Support Team
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Hi Monamackiewicz


Sorry that you are having problems.


Can you try again to register again for My Account, I have cleared out all the associated email addresses.