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Cancel Boost Online on day 30?

Community Star

The TalkTalk website, My Account, would not allow me to cancel a TV Boost online on the last day of committment, day 30.

The 'pop-up' wording online indicated I could cancel on the last day of committment or at any time thereafter. Chat and 'phone were not available at the time but the website was working normally.

Should it have been possible to cancel online on day 30? i.e. Is this just a temporary software error or a mistake?


Gondola - I'm a customer with PlusTV +
Community Team

Hi Gondola, you can cancel a boost on any day,

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Community Star

Hi @OCE_Ady

Your 'economical' answer made me laugh, so a good start to the day. But sadly no Best Answer.

Yes, customers can cancel a Boost on any day, subject to Terms and Conditions, so long as alternatives to the 24/7 Online service are working. So, continuing to try and be helpful...

Do you agree that when customers click on the message giving the end date of committment the website 'pop-up' says customers can cancel on the last day of committment?


Gondola - I'm a customer with PlusTV +
Community Team

Hi Gondola


We are trying to replicate this issue in order to log it to the My Account team, but It should have been possible to cancel the boost on the last day of commitment as per the pop up. 


Did you manage to eventually cancel the boost ?  

Community Star

Hi @OCE_Arne


Yes, cancelled online a few minutes past midnight and the Boost disappeared from our YouView channels shortly after.  Great Christmas viewing for all our families.  Thank you TalkTalk.


The ability to order anytime and cancel Boosts online is swift and effective and I like it. The pop-up advising customers of their 30 day committment end date and cancellation on day 30 or thereafter is logically sound.


I perceive that what went wrong in the system programming is that when customers wish to Boost for just a month starting in a month of less than 31 days and cannot cancel by any means on the last day of the 30 day committment it turns a 30 day committment into a 31 day charge.


If you can restore the ability to cancel online on the last day of committment customers will be happy.


Gondola - I'm a customer with PlusTV +
Community Star

Hi @OCE_Arne


Can you confirm that it is now possible for customers to cancel a Boost online on the last day of committment so that I can close this thread?


Customers, unsurprisingly, don't like being charged for 31 days on a 30 day committment!


Gondola - I'm a customer with PlusTV +
Community Team



We have not been able to replicate the problem, so we think that the issue was a temporary bug.