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Cancellation confirmation email

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I'm out of contract of my Fibre 500 on 14th June, so I phoned TalkTalk last Thursday to give my 30 days notice to cancel.


I didn't receive any confirmation email of the cancellation after that phone call so on Friday I phoned up again to check to make sure my notice has been received and the cancellation is going ahead and it was confirmed, and a note left on my account.


Now it's been a few days and I still haven't gotten a confirmation email of my cancellation. Am I supposed to get an email or do I just cancel my direct debit after the last bill?


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I'll re-escalate this for you, @vayidm.


The quickest way to claim back any overpayment is by using the Direct Debit banking information in your My Account. 


That's why it is recommended that you do not cancel it until you have a final bill that is for £0.00.


It's also wise to keep access to the My Account for 12 months for your own record keeping and reference. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Hi Arne,


Thanks for your reply. I've kept my direct debit open and paid off the bill up to 24th June (which is a full bill as you mentioned). However I still have not received a cancellation email confirmation, and I have just received another bill for the next month from 25th June to 25th July.


So it seems I'm going to keep getting billed on and on unless I stop my direct debit. I already hate this type of billing even though I've given my notice but why do I have to be billed another month beyond my cancellation which was already given more than 30 days in advance?


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Hi Arne, why is it not cancelling on the 14th? I phoned up on the 12th to give more than 30 days notice for it to end exactly on the contract end date.


Ideally it would be great for it to end now as I'm not using it since the start of May.


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Hi vayidm


The notes on your account say your cancellation date is set for the 16.06.22.  Its still in the process of being actioned which could explain the delay with the cancellation email. 


You will receive a bill on the 01/06/2022  for the month ahead, then a further bill with a refund for the advanced period of 16th to the 1st this will be in My Account.


Sorry that you are leaving us. 




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You can generally expect a response here within a day or two, but don't post again in the meantime as that just pushes you to the back of the queue. 

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What's the average wait time to get a response? I really hope this doesn't mean my notice is lapsing.


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I see, so I'll be charged for the whole month and then reimbursed. I guess I'll wait then. I would have thought it would know my last day would be 30 days from when I gave notice and bill for the duration up to the end date.


Either way I'm still looking for my cancellation email because otherwise it seems my service will continue.

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OK, but the end date won't necessarily coincide with the billing date. 




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Well I'm billed in advance and will be ending my contract on my end date I don't see why I'd need my direct debit open after the bill has been paid, unless TalkTalk plan to charge me the whole month ignoring my notice being given, hence me wanting to get a confirmation email.

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I wouldn't cancel the Direct Debit until you know what your final payment/credits are which cannot be established until the service actually ends. 


I have moved this to the Billing section so that a member of the team can check and advise further.