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Cancellation not registered

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has anyone else come across the problem that you cancelled your TalkTalk contract and it was not registered? I've called and cancelled on the 23rd of June because I was moving. I was told that the cancellation period is 30 days. He told me that I could transfer my account to my new place, which I declined. I told the guy that I just wanted to cancel. He told me I will get a final bill and that's that.

It's now September and my account is still active and I keep getting reminders for bills. I talked to someone on the chat middle of August, and was told that he can see the logged call but that the account is still active. And that I have to speak to someone directly. After speaking to someone today, I was told that he can't see any logged call and that there is no proof of cancellation. He suggested I call the billing department, explain the situation and hopefully get a refund. Then I can call again to cancel the account. Apparently he couldn't cancel straight away because I would then have to pay the open bill from September. He put me through to the billing department, but I couldn't reach anyone while waiting for 35 min.

So apparently I still have an active contract, even though I cancelled in June (and I can proof that I called TalkTalk because it's listed in my call log incl. length of the call). And it's almost impossible to reach anyone on the numbers called because you just get stuck in a queue. Do I not pay the bill? Or what shall I do? I have moved out of the place almost 2 months ago.

It is really frustrating that you can sign up for new contracts online or via chat. But for cancellations you have to spend hours on the phone to talk to someone.

Any advice is appreciated.

Thanks. Anja



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Hi AnjaP


Sorry that you are having problems. 


Can you let me know the date and the time of the call, and did you call from the landline number in your profile or the mobile number? 




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This looks like a bit of a mess. The support team here have been notified of this topic and they will respond and advise as soon as they can.