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Tony LeMoignan
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Hello, your pinned post above states that cancellations can be done via your live chat service,


  "Cancellations will need to be done via our loyalty team or Live chat (number/ link below"


However, after spending 45 minutes on live chat this morning, I was told at the and of the chat that you cannot action cancellations via live chat.

Why does your post above state that you can, when your live chat service will not? And why did your agent wait until the end of the chat to inform me of this, when the purpose of my contact was explained at the very beginning of the chat?


This is very frustrating and wasted nearly an hour of my time, and I will still have to ring up tomorrow.


I would welcome an explanation please.




Support Team
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Hi @Tony LeMoignan


Apologies for not updating the post when  the chat team stopped being allowed to place cancellations, Its has now been removed cancellations can now only be processed by our loyalty team on 03451720046. 


Sorry for any confusion. 





Community Star
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@Tony LeMoignan, at the time of pinning that post, Chat was still handling loyalty issues.


This has not been the case since late March this year.


Hopefully the OCE will update the pinned post soon, so that other customers' time isn't wasted. It was very poor that Chat took so long to come clean about this! 


The correct, up to date instructions can be found through the forum search engine. This is the article:


Thanks for taking the time to point out the discrepancy in the information. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.