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Cancelled my service but still charged this month

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As the title suggests I have recently cancelled my service with TalkTalk but received an email that I have a bill due this month.


I remember logging on to My Account after the phone call with the representative and saw that my service was cancelled. When I log on now it shows my package overview and nowhere does it show that it has been cancelled.


When I called and cancelled I did not receive any kind of confirmation email saying that my service was cancelled. I tried looking for Live Chat but had no luck as I wasn't able to find the link on this site or on Google. What to do now?


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Thank you all for the replies for resolving this. I'm glad to know that there was an overlap and that the credit can be claimed back next month if I pay the bill now. Thanks again

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OK, it does look like there has been an overlap in dates. You will get another bill at the usual time next month which should show a credit, assuming there are no other charges outstanding. You will then be able to claim that back via My Account. 


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It's also a matter of your billing date, @Shirley1701.


Talktalk always bills the full month in advance. So you then get a refund credited to your My Account the next month. Then a bill for £0.00 after that. 


You will need to claim that credit back eventually.


Staff will check the dates for you.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Hi ferguson, thanks for replying.


Unfortunately as I made the call a month ago I do not remember the specific date the service would cease. I do remember however it was around the 12th of November but not before the 19th - so mid November


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You will continue to get billed until your service ceases, can you provide the respective dates?