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Cancelling my service due to slow speeds

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A few questions I need answers to please:


1) I really want to cancel my service. I am paying for a fast connection but numerous speed tests show I am only getting 5Mbps - this is just terrible, I feel I am being completely ripped off. Is this something others are experiencing too?

2) How do I check the remaining time on my contract? It says it ended last month, is that correct?

3) Due to the slow speeds / fraudulent service I am getting, can I assume there will be no charge for cancelling, how do I ensure this?

4) Why can't I speak to someone in person?

5 ) Why can't I use the online chat service?

6) Why can't I easily choose to respond to threads? One in particular for @Karl-TalkTalk who claims all this is "simple", which just makes my blood boil to be honest

7) When we could easily use the online chat function, why was it that afterwards I was inundated with spam / hoax emails and telephone calls? Is this something others experience too?


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If it's confirmed that you are out of contract,  @Dominic9876, you can leave without early termination fees.  You must give Talktalk 30 days' notice, or inform a new Openreach provider that you want to keep your number, and they should then organise the whole thing.  If you move to Virgin, you must inform Talktalk yourself of the cancellation of your service. 


If you wish to speak to anybody at Talktalk, use the number provided in the previous post. 


Chat is for general service issues, not to do with cancellation or renewal. You can reach them here:


Full details of opening hours are also listed there, @Dominic9876.


If you are on a smartphone, having used "reply", write the post and then adjust the screen to actually find the "post" button. The layout isn't great at the moment. 


Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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You cannot cancel via Live chat, you heed to speak to the customer loyalty team by calling 0345 172 0046, lines will be open from 9:00am tomorrow.