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Cannot log into My Account

First Timer
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At present I have an email only service after moving out of my old premises a while ago and didn't need broadband.

I now have a new home and want to order a new phone/broadband service, but I cannot log into My Account and receive the following message every time.

"Sorry due to technical issues we can’t log you in right now. Please try again later"


I have tried numerous different browsers on multiple different devices and have reset the password and can successfully log into the mail portal with the new details.

Any help appreciated.


Support Team
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Hi Linda,


I'm sorry for the delay. How are you getting on? Have you been able to log into My Account since your last post?





Community Star
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The best deals are through phoning up, @LindaGem.


03451 720046 until 6pm today. Then closed until 9am Monday. 


Forum staff can't set a deal up for you, nor can Chat.


They can check the problem with My Account for you, but the deals in there tend to throw in TV @ an additional £4.00 monthly, and the only way to remove that is by phoning up anyway. 


Staff will be back on here from Monday, and your thread is in the queue for attention, but there is a backlog from the past week for them to get through. 


Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.