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Cannot register details on My account

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Hi Talk Talk, 


I'm trying to set up my elderly mother's Talk Talk phone account so that I can add Caller ID to her account as am unable to contact you by phone, email or your chat service, none of which are answered or seem to work properly. 


I have entered the account number from her latest bill and all of her details using this link from your website When I enter her details from the bill your provide, your website then states "VERIFY YOUR IDENTITY" followed by "Unfortunately, we are unable to proceed further due to insufficient information on the account. Please contact us for help." 


If I then click on the contact us link I am unable to call, email or chat to you as these services either don't work or are unavailable. Therefore we come full circle to this post in this forum which seems to be my only way of contacting a national ISP which to be honest is extremely poor customer service. 


Could somebody please help me to set up my mothers online account as I want to add Caller ID to help reduce nuisance callers and scammers. I currently have no way of contacting you and I am completely at a loss as how to proceed with this as your website just goes round in circles and provides no other contact details? Any help would be gratefully received? 


You may also want to change the wording on your bills which mentions "Register quickly and easily at" which in my experience of the last hour or so, it really isn't. God only knows how my mother would be expected to manage this without someone's help.


kind regards 

James Anderson





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Many thanks OCE Arne.. 


I've done that and it works and i've also managed to add on the caller id for my mum. Thanks you. 


Kind regards 


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Thanks that's great, can you try to register again for My Account, you should be able to now. 

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HI OCE Arne, 


I've included my mums account details in the private notes on this profile. Is this okay or did you want them elsewhere? 


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Hi OCE Arne


Yes to both of those. I haven't been able to set it up though as i can't register online. I can add the account number as i have the information that my mum gave me. she doesn't have a mobile but i usually use mine for these sort of things as she wouldn't know how do it it unfortunately.


i'll add my mum's account number now. 


kind regards


Support Team
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Hi @CAnderson383


Thanks for you post. Sorry that you are having trouble


The error message that you are seeing is usually because there is no Mobile number connected to the account, which is required to send the verification SMS.  Does she have a mobile?


Do you have power of attorney over the account? or are you a nominated user?  if so I can help, Just add you Mums account number to you community profile. 




Community Star
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Forum staff reply Monday to Friday,  not usually over weekends, @CAnderson383.


Your thread is in the queue for attention. 


If it can't wait till Monday,  Chat is available every day. Refresh the page if they are busy. Scroll down here for the link and details of opening hours:


Phone help is also open Monday to Saturday,  after 9am: 03451 720046 or 03451 720088


Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.