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Cannot register for My Account

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Hello I'm trying the help a customer who is having problems.


We use her telephone number and account number on the first page, when the email address appears on the second page to send a code, all we see is @ and nothing else. Of course the code get's sent nowhere and we cannot proceed to register.


We've talked to Customer Services with no luck. My customer is worried that she will loose her email account if we do not register.






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Cheers to the community team (and to @JasonHik) for helping me sort this out.


It now works and mum can keep her email address.



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Cheers to the Community Team for helping out. My customer is happy with the solution, hope you have the same outcome Shaun.

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I think I may have succeeded. I added my mum's talktalk email address to her talktalk account. And then went back to the login details screen and switched the login address from the temporary one to my mum's email address that I had just added.


Bizarrely I can now log into my mother's talktalk account using my mum's email address - success. But when I look at the personal details it still show's the temporary email address! I am hoping this is just a timelag thing and it will all be updated in the morning.....


Will let you know.


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Thanks for the advice. I did as suggested and registered the talktalk account using another email address.


However when I go to the login details screen it does not allow me to replace the temporary email address with my mother's talktalk one.


Hopefully you or the talktalk team will have some further ideas which I can pick up tomorrow.




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Hello Shaun


Same thing happened to me. Had to create another email account to register for My Account. I then accessed My Account and attached the original TalkTalk email address to it.


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I tried to register. The verification worked (it sent the code to my email address


However when I then tried to register (linking my mum's email address to her account and phone number) I got the message - "The email address you entered is already registered with a different account. Please register using a different email address".


As the whole point of this is to link my mum's email to her talktalk account to prevent her losing access to the email address, the above suggestion does not seem the right one.


Suggestions pls. I could register using a different email address - can I simply change it back to her talktalk one later?


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Don't worry I used a third party email account I just set up for her. Just checked her details in My Account and they look correct.






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You have used my email address as part of the verification process, not the customers.  So now I'm getting:


The email address you entered is already
registered with a different account. Please
register using a different email address.


When I use the customers email details to finish the process.


Does she need a new TalkTalk email address? Does she need a new third party email address? Is she going to loose her email account on the 11th? How is she going to access My Account, if she has no access to it? Can you not just attach her email address to her account, without going through this whole seperate registration procedure?


Cheers for the help so far.


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@shaunthomas  I have updated your address can you try again to register for My Account. 



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Hi @shaunthomas 


For your security do you think you could please select your Community Profile Personal Information (Click here) then scroll down to Private notes to add email address(es) with any relevant other notes and finally save changes. TalkTalk's Community Team OCE will then locate these.

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obscured for customer security


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Hi @JasonHik


Can you try again to register for My Accoun, the address has been updated. 




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I have added the details of the account and email address to my private notes on my community profile. Hope that is ok.

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I've put the email address and account number into Private Notes. If you need anything else just shout.





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@JasonHik  @shaunthomas 


Thanks for your post, sorry that you are having problems. 


Can you both add the account details to your community profile.




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I have exactly the same problem.


I am trying to help my mother setup Myaccount so that she can assign her email address to her account (and prevent her email service being removed as talktalk plus arrives......).


When we try to register for myaccount we get to the verification stage and it as described in the previous post - see attached for what it looks like. It tries to send a verification link to a blank email address. Pls can someone help.