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Catch 22 trying to renew my contract

Super Duper Contributor
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Hi  I have been trying to investigate renewing my TT contract which expires on 29th February.  I wanted to clarify my exact costs of my renewed contract before making a decision. Half and hour of online chat later, the agent tells me I can't renew because I have an open complaint at CEO level.  My issue is that my CEO Manager has not been in contact with me since 4th September, despite attempts to move things on.  Anyway, back to my story of woe:  The Agent transferred me to a Tech Agent who (20 minutes later) told me that the complaint had been updated and sent to the CEO Team, and that I would receive a call from them 'soon'.  Given that I have had no contact for several months now, I am somewhat dubious.  I know that you cannot deal directly with anything that is being dealt with at CEO level, but what do you believe my expectation would be for what 'soon' means in this context, in terms of hours, days or weeks?  Your complaints code is of no use in this regard, and hasn't even been reviewed since April 2018.  I seem to have entered a TT-sponsored Kafka novel. I cannot renew, but those who are meant to be dealing with my issue do not respond. Of course, the easiest thing for me to do is cancel, and your system is making that decision very easy for me, but it seems to be an odd business and customer care model.  Advice please.  Thanks and regards


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Hi @Arne-TalkTalk Many thanks for this very helpful response.  A PM should be with you shortly with the information you requested. Regards


Support Team
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Hi @Muddymedic


Do you have a complaint reference, if you can PM it to me I can find out the status. 




Whizz Kid
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Hi, I look at the posts here and there are 2 things the OCEs say they are unable to deal with; issues with CEO complaints and the terms of new/renewed contracts. So, I fear you will be bounced back to the agents from hell. I recently renewed but to get what I wanted (which was a repeat of my last contract) I had to say I would leave if I didn't get it, I got the "currently available" contract with a refund credited to my account for the difference. And also record everything!