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Change Kit Delivery Address

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We are moving house, and have ordered our Talk Talk service to go live the day after we get the keys, but we have since learned that the kit is going to be delivered 3-5 days before we move house, and will be arriving when the current owners are still there.

This is an inconvenience to us and to them, and there should be an option to select delivery address of the hardware, to change it to current address/family address/place of work. This is especially frustrating as I selected the option to show I would be moving into a new house, but there is no option to determine delivery of the equipment, and if delivery fails, then we may be without an internet connection for a few days, which I need for work.


Support Team
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Hi WJS_51


Thanks for your post.  


Sorry its not possible to change the delivery address, however the router is usually delivered on the day of go live, in this case 7th.


If you are a current TalkTalk customer the router you have will be compatible. 


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@WJS_51 please post in the my account area and a staff will see what they can do.


as u are new to talktalk it is not classed as a house move as in with talktalk that is ur issue



Hope that help Regards Joe
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