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Change of ownership - You should be ashamed at your appalling customer service...

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What a waste of several hours and repeated appalling service today.


I posted your change of ownership form and received a letter back saying you cannot process it yet as there is a balance on my account which will clear in a few days by direct debit. No mention of this on the form and not sure why this would block it as I have a direct debit set up?


The letter goes on to say 'you will need to contact me again and I will be able to help you with your request'. There was no phone number to contact the department.


I have called your customer services this morning who assured me this will now be dealt with as the direct debit payment has been taken. I explained repeatedly that there is a clear instruction that I need to contact you but they said they cannot contact the back office team but re-assured me it will be processed. I was told I could email the person who sent the letter, to which I explained it was a letter and not an email. I was told there was no manager available to talk to.


I made contact over live chat and it was perhaps too complicated for them to bother with so they end the chat.


I made contact over Facebook who I explained the issue and was told to phone. I explained that I phoned and the advice given was just an assumption. I then had to explain the issue again to another agent because they couldn't scroll up to read it to be told to log a complaint over chat.


I went back on to chat and explained the situation and again, the chat was ended.


I have just spent 1hr 50mins on the phone. I explained the situation and was told I needed to be passed back to customer services but they would fully explain the situation. I was put through blind and had to do security again.


Then customer services, you should really listen to how appalling this call was, it really is like a wind up call on Ant & Dec, constantly asked can you hear me due to your dodgy overseas call set up, a complete lack of understanding, constant changing of what should be done. First told to wait 14 working days for it to be processed. Then that I had to submit the form again, bearing in mind I had to get this filled in by the new owners through the solicitor as it contained their direct debit details and them signing to take over the contract so not a quick or easy thing to do. They were just making it up as they went along. This was escalated to a manager called Gary who said they have no way to contact the back office team but can leave a note hoping they will see it! Why will they see it if the letter is asking me to contact them??


The reference on the letter is 220429-000222, this is attached.


What an absolute hassle and despite hours of trying, no resolution. Can someone please resolve this and change the ownership??? I have done as much as I can take with this.

Screenshot 2022-05-09 at 12.00.33.png


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Refund approved today. This is after the manager call back this week did not happen on the first 2 scheduled times.


Complaint closed. No lessons learned. No feedback to the team about the horrendous process of changing account ownership. Ready for the next victim to experience your horrendous change of ownership process and appalling customer service at every single touch point.



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Since my change of ownership has been processed I have not received any notification of it at all, I had to make contact on Facebook chat to be told it has been processed.


I cannot login to your website any more, Talktalk have failed to send me a final bill and have been chasing a refund for the unused usage since it was cancelled mid May. The 'manager' from the overseas call centre assured me it would be refunded by this Tuesday and scheduled a follow-up call that did not happen.

Screenshot 2022-05-26 at 09.33.22.png

This morning have received a notification of a refund of £6.31 this morning which I think should be higher as about half of the month was remaining when cancelled.


As I cannot access the my account section I have just made contact over live chat and as you have transferred the account the new owners you cannot give me my final bill that has never been provided to me and told I will need the new owners to verify the account first!!!! Are you kidding?

Screenshot 2022-05-26 at 09.25.31.png


This process from start to finish has been flawed. There is no communication and no contact can be made to the change of ownership department at all. At no point has anyone stepped up to sort this out. The 'manager' assigned from your overseas call centre is incompetent, I am not just saying this, calls should be listened to, such little understanding and no actions are ever taken, no lessons will be learned about this process or fed back. The replies on here are slow and never resolve anything. There are other people reporting issues on here about the change of ownership process so it isn't just me being messed about.


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No, you are wrong, this was a gesture of goodwill applied to my account to stop the second change of ownership failing as you take up to 2 weeks to process them which can take them to the point the next direct debit is due and then fail again.


I am asking about the remaining amount for May, which I made clear in my message below. I have paid for the month of May, but the account was cancelled part way through so there is the balance of May due. I cannot access the online account any more to see my last bill. 


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Refund processed 16th May.  Confirmed by our processing team to your account ending 8666.


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@Arne-TalkTalk Nope, no refund for unused usage for May and no final bill.


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Hi alexanderrichardson


The refund has been processed and should already be with you.

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I am sure the support team will look into this for you again as soon as they pick up this thread, professional as they are, regardless of your unpleasant words towards them.

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Well done you. Perhaps use your time to get these imbeciles to resolve the issue.


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And I have edited it again. I don't care how annoyed or frustrated you are, there is no need to use language like that, even if truncated.

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My post has been edited. The intro saying the *foul language* has been removed. I am not sure why as there is an asterisk in it. Surely if Talk Talk just resolve this I wouldn't have to continue wasting my time chasing this...




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I have not actually received any communication to say the transfer has completed, I had to check on Facebook chat to be told it has....great service.


I can no longer log in to your website, it just gives an error. I have paid for the full month of May and due a refund for the unused usage. The manager from your overseas call centre could not understand that I was due a refund, of course I am, I paid for the full month...he eventually told me a full month would be refunded by today and arranged a call back, I don't think he understood what he was saying. The call back promised today to check the refund has been made did not happen, but I received a text message delaying the call back by 2 days and obviously no refund received.


I have tried to resolve this on Facebook chat, but as usual, you are unwilling to help.



@Arne-TalkTalk @SocialTeamJo @Debbie-TalkTalk @Ady-TalkTalk 



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So the 'manager' called me back yesterday, first started talking about the retentions team and it became apparent he was talking about someone else's account. I was then told to submit a new form despite him not being able to contact the change of ownership department, which as mentioned before requires going through my solicitor to give to the buyers of my house to complete their section again so an absolute faff. I was then asked if I was happy to close the complaint! I am not sure where you have found the people for this call centre but every call has been ridiculous.


The second form is now being submitted. There is a section on these forms to include my mobile number in case of any issues. Perhaps if there are any issues they can be bothered to contact me this time instead of sending a letter out asking me to make contact with no contact details or any way to do so. Will any lessons be learnt about the process, no.


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Hi alexanderrichardson


I'm sorry that you are unhappy 


The reasoning behind the change of ownership not being processed due to an outstanding balance, is so that the new owner does not inherit a debt, Sadly we dont have the facility to process the change on the community, it has to be completed via customer service team. 


The account balance is current in credit and refund has been requested for the last balance. 


Once again apologies for any inconvenience caused by this.


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@martswain unnecessary and unhelpful reply. CAPITAL letters on a post that has not had a reply for 4 days and the hours I have wasted contacting the horrendous overseas call centre this week are a mild reflection of my feelings towards TalkTalk. I am now having to go back through my solicitors to get my buyers to complete half of the change of ownership form again, because they send me a letter asking me to contact them that contains no contact details and the customer services team claim to have no way of getting in touch with that department. UTTER INCOMPETENCE.

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@alexanderrichardson please STOP SHOUTING, thanks.


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Hi alexanderrichardson,


I'm really sorry for any frustration caused, please be assured we're not ignoring you. 


I understand you've contacted us on Facebook, have replied to you there.




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Not at all, you can keep posting as much as you like on your own thread, which you have already been advised against as it just moves you back in the queue. Posting "me too" on other people's topics has the same effect and is not helpful in any way. 

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I see you have removed my messages on the other posts, trying to silence me!


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I have tagged the support team members and sent them private messages, so yes, I am being ignored.


I am not spamming other peoples topics, I am just giving them a heads up of the appalling service they can expect trying to change ownership.


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You are not being ignored, as already advised there is a queuing system on these forums and each time you post you are simply sending yourself to the back of it. The support team will respond if you give them a chance. In the meantime, please stop spamming other people's topics, this is in breach of the community guidelines.