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First I hope this is in the correct section.


I have been a (loyal) Talktalk customer now for over 11 years and have a query about my package.


Currently my package is Fiber broadband, phone and TV plus this is at a charge of £60.95 a month.

I have no boosts or any extras.

I feel that charge is far too much (and due to increase from November), especially with all the adverts for super low prices from talktalk.


Is there anyway the price I'm paying can be lowered?


I have searched for different packages, but they either don't  have TV Plus (so I can record programs), or don't include calls.


Surely after 11 years as a loyal customer you can something,  I'd hate to have to go with someone else. However £60.95 per month is far too much and the way things are at the moment, every penny matters to me, I'm sure you understand.


Any help would be much appreciated.





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@moss1939 You can check online to see if there any offers available to you. But in my experience the best deals are always available by contacting the customer loyalty team directly. The offers available to new customers at the moment are £23.50 for Fibre 35 and £26 for Fibre 65, in each case with Unlimited UK Calls available for an extra £7 a month, half-price from the usual £14. I would suggest that with a bit of negotiation you could do better.


Call 0345 172 5157 and let us know how you get on.


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@moss1939  there are no longer ANY broadband packages that include calls.


The Unlimited UK Calls Boost may be included for free or at discount for a certain period.


As it is a boost it can removed at any time and re-added as necessary although not always at a discount, your commitment is only a month at a time.


Check you online account for "Offers and Upgrades"




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Thanks for your quick reply. Some interesting points you have stated.


I was unaware there is now no TV plus service. With regards the extra channels, most news type channels, I know one was Sky Arts, but this available for everyone now, so it's only really Sky One (Showcase) that's a real extra now.


If I have to cut out the TV part then do be it. All I really need is my Fibre broadband and free calls at a lower price.


Do you know if I can change my package online or do I need to ring 


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First of all, TV Plus is effectively no more. And the various TV Boost packages are to be discontinued in the near future in any event. Neither do TalkTalk provide recording boxes any more, although as long as yours continues to work you are welcome to use it. If you switched from your current package to a new one I honestly am not sure what would happen to your existing added channels. Which extra channels do you get at present?


Moving beyond that, you could save yourself a considerable amount by switching to a current package. But from what you have said I feel it is best to establish just how important it is for you to keep your existing TV service for the time being.