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Changing Package Contents

Salisbury John
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Does anyone know how to communicate successfully with Customer Services?   When my package came up for renewal in January, I wanted to drop the TV element, but found I could not do this online.  So I phoned on 9th January and spent about 30 minutes explaining this to the office.  I was promised a letter in a few days confirming this and giving details of the new monthly charge, which had not been made clear in the phone call.  As nothing arrived , I wrote at length on 27 January restating my request to drop the TV element and asking for clarification of my new price.   I received a missed call from Customer Services on 28 February and rang them back on 1st March, spending another 45 minutes trying to get this sorted out.   I was assured the TV element had been removed and I could check this in 'MY ACCOUNT' online.  I have just done this today and, guess what, I have a new contract to 19 July 2020 which still includes TV !!   I dread the thought of yet another lengthy, unproductive phone call to Customer Services.   Surely there must be a better way of getting the service you require?


Support Team
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Hi Salisbury John


I can confirm that the TV charge has been removed from your account.  Your package is as follows: 


Fast Broadband = £21.50

Unlimited UK calls boost = £10

Supersafe boost.  = £2



Hope that helps.