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Changing Talktalk package deals

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Would it be possible to have a more seamless customer experience when switching packages and subsequent support from Talktalk?  I switched from the Faster Fibre package to the Fibre65 package with a new phone number.  I then found in a subsequent bill that I had been charged for both packages on the old and new phone numbers. It took me 70 minutes on the phone to get my original package cancelled and the extra charge removed.  During this time, I was alternately passed between different departments. 

My suggestions are:

  1. When changing to a different Talktalk package, the old package is automatically cancelled.
  2. Customers have to deal with only one person in Support. 

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@ChrisP1961 u get a uk team on here which can be just one staff member as i have found so post in the help side in ur own topic and they will reply in a few days depends on work load and not weekends just working hours most time

Hope that help Regards Joe
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