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Charge on bill for none return of equipment

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I had some equipment sent in error earlier in the year, realised it was an error, contacted talktalk who said just send it back, repackaged into the returns bag provided, put a note in with my details and why I was sending it back, used the returns label provided, and took it to my local post office where it was sent off. Job done....or not.


A couple of months later I received an email saying that despite several emails sent to me (this was the first) I still had not returned the equipment and was liable to a charge - but to ignore this invoice if I had already sent it - which I had so I did.


Next month there was a £50 charge on my bill for the equipment I *hadnt* returned. I contacted webchat and explained and they said ok there would be a credit issued on my next bill as it was too late to change this one.


Next bill comes in, no credit, contacted webchat again and they had now changed their tune and said a credit would only be issued when the equipment was logged back into the system. So basically I was lied too on my previous chat and now face a £50 (no small amount to me) charge for doing as asked in the first place.


I have a call back booked next week after they have conducted an investigation, however at the end of the webchat they were still adamant that nothing could be refunded until the equipment was logged as returned.


I sent it back on 19th February so I dont think there is much of a chance of it turning up now. I dont see why I should be penalised for doing exactly as asked. I understand that talk talk probably have issues with people who do not bother returning stuff but I feel I followed all instructions and now Im £50 worse off because Royal mail have lost the parcel/its been mislaid in talktalk warehouse/computer glitch recording its return etc etc


Anyone had similar problems and any advice they can give for my upcoming callback?




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Hi @stoopy


I can help I first need to confirm some security questions. 


I have sent you a PM on the community. 




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I feel a bit of a fool as if I had kept the receipt I suppose I would have had a cast iron case.


Thing is Ive been selling loads of odds and ends on ebay to raise a bit cash during covid and I always get a receipts for that so I periodically clear them all out  - I mean how long do you hang onto a postal receipt? I cant remember that this particular one went the distance but i cant be certain it didnt. 


I'll have another search around at the weekend. 


I know its the sensible thing to get and keep a receipt but if it's going to come down to that surely talk talk should put something on the postal instructions to say get a receipt just in case - I mean this one was given to me automatically, I doubt I would have thought of getting one otherwise!


But yes, lets see what comes back from the support team. 😊

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I completely understand. Let's see what the support team advise when they pick this up.

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I did yes, but I cant seem find it where I put it for 'safe keeping' - trouble is there was so much time elapsed Im thinking it might have been thrown out in a general tidy up with receipts and stuff no longer needed - I certainly didnt expect something to come back at me this far down the line.

At no point during the long dialogues I had on webchat was I asked this - which I thought was strange

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Did you get a receipt from the Post Office? That will undoubtedly help. This has been escalated to the support team for you, they will respond as soon as they can.