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Charged for cancelling something I was Given, but did not ASK FOR ? ! ?

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I clicked TalkTalk's Email link to upgrade from Faster Fibre 35 to Fibre 65 in May.
They also gave me "Unlimited Calls Boost", (which I soon cancelled as I did not need/want it).
However, on my last Bill, I was charged £13.54p for cancelling something I did not ASK for, did not WANT, and would probably never USE.
Customer Services have confirmed there is a Charge for cancelling this Boost "within 30 days", which I still cannot find in Terms/Conditions, (and of course, had I known of this charge, would have waited 30+ days before cancelling "Unlimited Calls").
I therefore think it is unfair to charge me for cancelling something I did not Ask For / Want / Need, or would even use ? 😞



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The £13.54p charge has now been 'credited' back to my account, I see.

All Satisfactorily Resolved 👍

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OK, I have re-escalated this for you, the team will respond again as soon as they can, give them a day or two. 

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Just replied to 'Support Team' message here, (hadn't logged in here since originally posting the question).


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Hi MichaelRG


I can help I first need to confirm some security questions. 


I have sent you a PM on the community. 



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Hmm, that does seem a bit mad! I guess that TalkTalk automated systems have applied the charge as normal and overridden any common sense. Your topic has been flagged to the support team, bear in mind that they won't be back online until next week.