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Charging extra for unlimited calls boost

First Timer
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Hi I took on an 18 month contract which included the unlimited calls boost free of charge. I've had an email today that it was going up by £2 a month. Given that the offer for the duration of the contract provided this service free of charge I guess the £2 increase must be a mistake?


Support Team
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Hi @Bicks97


Just to confirm the boost is free on your account until  04/01/23 


Sorry for any confusion.


Community Star
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I've just received the same email, @Bicks97, and it is just a price notification. 


Free remains free for those lucky enough to have it agreed - so keep it on there for the duration of your deal.


Removing, then re-adding it, there would be no guarantee of it being free. That would only happen if by chance they were running that offer at the time.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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They may just be telling you that the full price of that boost is going up by £2.00, @Bicks97.


Because boosts can be removed any time after the first month, and re-added, you need to be kept informed of what the total price would be. 


For the duration of your contract the free Anytime calls should remain free if you just leave it in place. Some people are on 50% discounts or whatever, or full price. All customers using the boost should get an email ahead of the headline price increase, regardless. 


Those that remove it, then re-add it have to accept the going price at the time - they will not necessarily get it at the discounted rate they previously had it for.


Other current notices about prices are here:

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.