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Cheaper call plans with limited minutes per month option.

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We like to have a telephone call plan as it works out cheaper overall compared to paying for each call, however we don't use the landline as much as many people do. BT offer a call plan for £5 per month that covers 500 minutes to UK numbers and mobiles, I would like to see Talk Talk offer something similar. The unlimited service is fine for bigger users but at £10-£12 per month it is expensive for many people.


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Hello again, I think I sort of answered this on your other post regarding contact with the loyalty team but just to confirm. When we joined TT a year ago, we got £2.50 discount for two years off the standard price of £10.00 so £7.50, as we got a low contract price for the broadband and telephone line that was acceptable just about. Now the price is going up by £2.00 per month meaning it will be £9.50 and if we bought a 2 year deal it would be £12.00 in the 2nd year! We now have a £5.00 contract for the next two years elsewhere so we are sorted for now.


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@Essex if u renew with them u could see if they do a deal on it as they do for somepople depends on who u chat with and what u have on as a whole 

Hope that help Regards Joe
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