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Choosing Broadband+TV package

First Timer
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My 18 month contract has finished so I've moved onto the standard for now.

If I click on "Existing customer offers and upgrades" my choice for Fibre 65 is £29.95 a month but if I click on "Add TV" I get Fibre 65 + a TalkTalk TV box for £25 a month.

That seems to come with another router though so I'm can't work out if this will be additional to and not in place of my current plan (which would make no sense, but the prices make no sense to me anyway)



Support Team
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Hi bcrazy


Thanks for your post. 


I would suggest calling our loyalty team and discussing this, call them on 03451720046 or 03451725157


They can help with this.


Community Star
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It's worth your while using Chat or phoning the loyalty team, @bcrazy.


My Account offers tend not to be the best deals out there. Check the going rate with competition etc, and then haggle and check the issue of the router at the same time. 


03451 720046 after 9am.


Full details of opening hours on there.


Forum staff can't sort this out for you.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.