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Hello OCE


I left talktalk on 15 April.


Broadband/telephone bills received subsequently all cleared and zero balance for past few months. However, Bill keeps getting generated each month for zero charges even though am no longer a customer.

Can a final closing account bill for telephone/broadband be sent to close account and ensure bills are no longer generated to save everyone's time? 


Also have a 81p credit on my mobile account for past 2 years when mobile was disconnected. This can be closed as don't need 81p to be sent to me.




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Thank you for the responses,  have asked for the princely mobile balance refund! So hopefully once the balances are zero, bill will stop getting generated.


Though the mobile team said the broadband telephone bill has nothing to do with the mobile credit. Lets see once balances are nil on both accounts, hopefully no further bill gets generated on broadband/tel.


Support Team
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Hi @yentalk


The bill is being produced due to the mobile credit, and will continue to do so until it is removed.  


You will have to call our mobile customer service teams to arrange the refund, as unfortunately we have no access to the mobile systems on the community.


Use the links on our contact us







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It could well be the small mobile credit balance that keeps generating the bills? If you contact the mobile support team on 0345 172 0088 they should be able to arrange a refund and hopefully that will stop things.