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Close my account and delete data

Whizz Kid
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A request to the OCEs.


I've left TalkTalk (yay -- the OCEs are utterly lovely, but I TalkTalk as a company can do one, I've only stayed due to value and now elsewhere is better value.)


My Broadband account is finally settled, I have deleted my direct debit, and I do not imagine I'll be returning at a later date.


OCEs, I would be grateful if you could close my TalkTalk account(s) and delete as much data as is possible and reasonable at this stage; including, but not limited to, applying to the fullest extent possible the following- my Right to be Forgotten (Right to Erasure), my Right to object to Data Processing, my Right to Withdraw Consent and my Right to Restrict.


If you delete all data yet, please could you tell me when TalkTalk will finally dispose of all my data (as per the GDPR and previously DPA)?  I'm guessing 6years+1? 


Due to the volume of scam attempts we receive associated with the historic TalkTalk data breaches (heck, we had to buy a new landline phone that could filter the calls in the end) and reports of people receiving incorrect bills some time after closing the account and in some cases employing debt companies to try to enforce these incorrect bills, you will understand why I am concerned about getting the account closed down as much as possible as soon as possible (even if it's closing the gate after the horse has bolted somewhat!)


Genuinely, thank you to the OCEs for your hard work over the years (you made being with TalkTalk bareable whilst it continued to be the cheapest option.)





PS I am the account holder of the TalkTalk account associated with this TalkTalk community account profile and happy to confirm other details either via private message, e-mail or telephone.



Support Team
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Hi @jewelie 


Sorry that you have left us. 


I have sent a Private message to confirm data protection then we can begin the right to be forgotten process. 



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I know.  It feels bittersweet!


I gave TalkTalk loyalty/retentions multiple chances to retain us. 


We only finally got a half decent offer (repeated offers - process seemed a bit messy and not joined up) that could match that of others ISPs, but only *after* our broadband changeover date and when we'd already paid our 12months saver line rental in advance.  For what it's worth, we would have stayed for those offers too if they came within the last two weeks of the end of our contract.    Since we'd already moved and had experienced the customer service and options with Plusnet, it was doubly too late (in theory we could have cancelled the contract as it was still within 14days but it was, practically speaking, too late, plus Plusnet customer service have be really great - there's been a few hiccups but they've been marvellous in rectifying them quickly and I've otherwise been really impressed with both the process for non-expert users and the availability of techie options for geeks like myself!)


Thanks for your prompt reponse and assistance (I didn't expect a reply before I'd revised the text of it actually.)  🙂

Community Star
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Hi @jewelie 


Sorry to see anyone disappear when it looks like TalkTalk is finally about to go fully down the full fibre route.


I'll ask if its possible to delete the MyAccount data early.  The MyAccount access will close after 12 months.


You can download a data pack from MyAccount to see what TalkTalk hold and of course ask TalkTalk to delete under the right to be forgotten rules. Access information we hold on you 

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