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Closing account - moving abroad

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Hi there, I'm currently on Fibre 65. When I subscribed over the phone with someone in the customer retention department, I told them I intended to move back to Italy at some stage in the future and asked what kind of fees I would be incurring in if exiting my contract early.

I was then told by the lady that it's talktalk policy to not charge exit fees if the reason of cancelling is moving abroad i.e. in any area where talktalk is not available.


The time is now approaching for me to move back and I called talktalk to check if this info is still correct. The operator said that's not the case and I would be due an early exit fee of £8.50 a month, for a total of £95.

As you can appreciate, I won't pay it if I can help it, especially since at the time of subscription I was told I wouldn't pay anything if moving abroad. 


Could somebody please help me with this? Fibre 65 


Support Team
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Hi @Hermes93


I'm afraid there will be a cancellation fee. 


The only other alternative would be to transfer the account to whoever is taking over the property. 


Best option would be to call the loyalty team on 03451720046 or 03451725157 They will be able to see what options are available


Sorry for any inconvenience caused 


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Thanks @ferguson 

I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.

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@Gliwmaeden2 It's simply a circular link, innocent use of a hashtag I guess, I am restoring it.

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Unsure of the safety of #Fibre65 as a possible link.


Please check, and if it's safe, restore the thread to the billing section. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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@Hermes93  I think you were wrongly advised, there is no get out clause for leaving a contract and moving out of the UK.


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Hi @Hermes93 I've no idea how to solve this for you but your post has been escalated and you should hear back on Monday. 

I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.