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Confused about Fibre 65 deal (UK calls)

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The Fibre 65 deal says it includes UK calls but doesn't state anywhere if this means that UK calls will be free or not . There is the option of having unlimited calls for an extra £14 but does the standard deal mean free evening weekend calls (as long as they don't exceed 60mins) ?

Better wording is needed as I want to know what I'm buying !


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Hi simeon_w,


Sorry for the delay and apologies for any confusion caused.


Do you know if this was apart the Amazon Gift bundle as I can't quite make this out on the screenshot provided? If so, then yes the Unlimited UK Call Boost is included in that plan.





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Hmm this post  and appears to be from someone who had ordered the same package (admittedly via an upgrade rather than new customer) and are not getting the free UK calls . 


Might need to get in contact with TalkTalk (unless a direct TT person replies here) to clarify things , aside from taking a screenshot before ordering (to have something to fall back on) , I would agree that this a fault with TT's system/ design of the webpage.  Shame there's no way of telling until you order the product 😕




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The way that deal is presented saying "UK calls included" should mean exactly as I said previously, that the Unlimited UK calls boost is included with the package in a bundle deal for the quoted price. If you are getting the option to add the boost again then the issue appears to be an error with TalkTalk's systems rather than with the wording of the deal.



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Thanks @AllyM , however say If i go to try and process the deal , I then get the option of adding the boost (discounted price but if it's included then it should either not be an option or state that it is included as part of the FIbre65 package) :




There's definitely some conflicting information and this doesn't make it clear. This is either bad implementation of the way the information is displayed or seems more likely unlimited calls boost is not included which would make more sense.  I just can't find a clear definition of what the included actually means.


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"Included" means that the cost of UK calls is included in the price of the deal, or in other words you are getting the UK unlimited calls boost as part of the deal along with the Fibre65 package for the all-inclusive price stated for the deal.



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Basically as per the below screenshot , it states for Fibre65 and above "UK calls included" , does this just mean you can make calls but they are standard rate? Assume this is the case as the word  "free"  is not mentioned. 


I haven't ordered it yet because I want to clarify this , seems worded to catch people out . I may be wrong but elsewhere if you look at the bit about call boost : , it says "You can talk for up to 60 minutes free on each call before being charged at the standard rate. But if you'd like to talk for longer than 60 minutes, just hang up and redial and it's free again" . I don't know if this relates to just the call boost (which is unlimited anyway) or for a standard "UK calls included". Still a bit confused..





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@simeon_w  have you actually ordered the Fibre 65 deal ?


If it says the UK Unlimited Calls Boost is included, make sure you take a screenshot when you do order.


There are no current "deals" that include evening and weekend calls !


There may be some customers on very old legacy packages that have them but they are most likely overpaying on their contracts.


On any contract, calls to other TT customers are free for up to 3 hours.