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Contact Exit Fee?

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My current TT contract ends in 2021 - broadband and telephone.  I am looking at leaving TT and going with BT as BT are offering fibre broadband in my area and TT are not.  The max speed TT can offer me is 2.3Mb/s.  I have lived with this amazingly low speed for the past 5 years since I moved here.  There is no competition where I live in terms of fibre suppliers - I either have up to 150MB/s with BT or 2.3Mb/s with TT.  Question is - if I terminate my contract because I want fibre will TT demand an exit fee?


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Hi quarkrad 


A BT offer to cover up to £300 in early termination fees is usually by invitation only.  If you have that in writing and BT are offering ultrafast speeds then you have a solution. 


Openreach network upgrades to ultrafast full fibre (FTTP) are not yet included in the TalkTalk sales portfolio but the CEO did say on 17 July that TalkTalk are preparing to resell Openreach FTTP.  We're just waiting on the launch of the product.

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Unfortunately I cannot add anything useful to this thread.  Currently BT are offering up to £300 to cover any exit fee so in my case, I did not have to contact TalkTalk re leaving them.  I guess TalkTalk have decided it is not economical serving many rural customers in the UK - I can see it make sense for all service providers to focus on the larger metropolitan areas.

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Hi @quarkrad


I have checked your account, and the contract breakage fee at this time will be £141.14




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Hi @quarkrad


If you just switch to BT then yes TalkTalk will apply an early termination charge of £9 per month to your account. Cancel your TalkTalk service gives the scale of fees.


Your case is more about the ethics of keeping a customer tied to a sub-10Mbps service when an alternative fibre service is available.


Run a service status check preferably with the router connected at the Master Socket Test socket so you know the top speed coming into your home.


Then, contact TalkTalk, say you need a faster service. Say the Government expects everyone to have at least a 10Mbps downstream speed and you'd like TalkTalk to provide that or agree in writing to let you leave penalty free.


From March 2020 the Universal Service Obligation will apply and you'll be able to require that a consistent speed of at least 10Mbps is provided or to let you exit your contract penalty free and have the USO provider for your area (that happens to be BT) deliver your service.  So from March you'll be able to require a faster speed but for now you need to ask and ask to let you go without penalty if a reasonable speed isn't available.


Let us know what response you get. If you're not happy you may consider raising a complaint following How do I make a complaint?

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