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Contacting Talktalk through 150 on landline.

Whizz Kid
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Hi there, 


In the past I have been able to get through to Talktalk customer service or loyalty department, by dialling 150 on my landline, but last few times, last been 2 o clock in afternoon today 5 February I get the usual greeting  message and then I am asked to select 1 for either Phone Broadband or Tv and 2 for mobile.


Selecting 1, I am presented with only two options, 1 problems with phone, or 2 problems with broadband.  Obviously none of these are what I want as I want customer service. I am then told "we are closed right now" and the line goes dead.


Dialling the alternative Talktalk number 0345 172 0088 gives the same result.


I would be grateful if an OCE or someone else might clear up my confusion here.

Many Thanks.



Support Team
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Hi @joemardo1


Sorry that you are having problems,


What help do you need, Is there anything that we can do to help? 


You could also try Live chat