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Contract Renewal and Echodot offer

First Timer
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Can anyone help me with this?

I have been with TalkTalk for many years.

I renewed my contract online on 17 March, taking out an 18 month broadband contract. I opted for the fibre65, which included a 'free' Amazon Echodot and smart plug, at £27 a month. Otherwise the contract would have been £26 a month.

I am now out of the cooling off period and, as I haven't received my email and voucher code for the Echodot as promised, I got in touch through live chat. I have spent two hours today chatting with four different operators. I sent the last one screenshots of my renewal confirmation and Echodot confirmation from March 17th.

The upshot is that I have been told that I am not eligible for the offer because "the deal which includes a device cannot go through when you take it online. You will need an agent who will do this for you hence you are not eligible for this offer".

So why was I offered it? And why are TalkTalk charging me £1 a month for it? 

I have now been advised to contact the Retentions Department. Does anyone know how I do this?

It may seem petty that I am quibbling over £1 a month, but I suspect I am not the only loyal customer who has been misled. 


Support Team
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Hi JudyBar,


I'm sorry you haven't received your Amazon gift code, and apologise for any confusion caused regarding eligibility.


Can you advise if you've checked your junk/spam folder for an email from