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Contract agreement

First Timer
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I was going to cancel my Talktalk account last year and change over to Now tv. As I'd been with Talktalk since the company started in 2003 a member of the loyalty team phoned me up to try to persuade me to stay with Talktalk. During that discussion it was agreed that talktalk would give me a like for like contract as I was to receive with Now TV. That contract was that I am to be billed a specific cost PLUS I would also include all phone calls and mobile calls in this included price. I was informed the price would increase every April. This rise was made this April. Now I have been informed the phone calls are to be charged at £2 a month from June? That wasn't agreed, the agreement was that all calls would be included in my package price for 2 years.  I need you to acknowledge this message and honour your agreement or pay adequate compensation for breaking the contract


Support Team
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Hi Bednortan


The emails and letters are informative, to advise that for future reference the calls boost price will increase by £2. If you have a free boost you are not effected until the discount period. 


Sorry for any confusion.


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@martswain ,

The issue is that the latest letters and emails TalkTalk are sending out about this price increase are poorly worded and a bit too "generic", such that it isn't 100% clear that existing deals are unaffected.


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@Bednortan  always a good idea to read the other topics on the issue before piling in blind.


It is a generic email advising the Unlimited Calls Boost will change in price as they are obliged to do for all customers that have the boost.


Therefore when your contract ends that is the price, it does not affect what you currently have agreed with TT.