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Contract breakage fee

Email received 26/05/15 advising price change and penalty free cancellation was possible within 30 days of reviewing said email.

My service was terminated on 15/06/15 well within the 30 days.

I received an letter stating my estimated bill which included a contract breakage fee. I called to have this amended.

I have now received a final bill, again including a contract breakage fee.

I called today, the advisor queries why I shouldn't have to pay it, then put me on hold - I ended up in the automated bill payment system! I have subsequently cancelled my direct debit as you owe me money!

You have had multiple chances to correct this, and every time you don't it costs me time, money and inconvenience to get back in touch with you.

You have 14 days to rectify the situation, and at the very least, refund me what you owe me and compensation for my time and inconvenience. Failure to do so will result in court action which will cost you more.

I will not be re-opening a direct debit and risking you collecting money that you are not due, as you were about to do after being told 3 times I was not paying the contract breakage fee as per the email you sent me on 26/05/15
Community Team

Hi Alan703


The contract breakage fee has been cleared from your balance, your account is now in credit for £13.89, You can request the refund via My Account. 


Please accept my apologies for the problems you have encountered






Thank you for the reply.


I will mark this acceptable when I have reecived the refund.  




Community Team
Popular Poster

I thought we had heard the last of Talk Talk in Feb 2015 ( and not too soon) when i had finally had enough decided to go to Virgin and we have never looked back. Two years after and they 've decided to pass on my account to debt collectors. For the shoddy and disgustingly poor service we had generally for the years we were with TT and in particular when started to complain about the broadband quality , you would think we would get a sizable compensation. Our problems started back in 2013/2014 and on and off engineers came and went promising us ''it is all ok now'' but it never was .Once the engineer never even bothered to come over the 3 days the service promised us. As I started to work from home it was crucial that we had quality connection most of the time. Problems worsened in Nov 2014 and after dozens of telephone calls and several engineers visits we  were no better ,even the engineers said he accepted the poor broadband quality in the house but he couldnt sort it. I just kept getting texts that the problem had been sorted ..... i kept texting back 'NOT FIXED ' ...I still have the dozens of texts stored in the phone. There seemed no communication between the engineer and the service centre. I did manage to get about £8 in compensation for poor service after after my nagging and was promised no one will chase me for any contract breakage fee.

Anyway we went over to Virgin in Feb 2015 as I had to have a decent internet ( and i have now ) to earn any money. Nothing for 2 years and now the audacity to ask for for contract breakage fee of £200 via a debt agency.

Can any one pleeese help or has had any experience of this ( 100's I bet ) .Presumably the agency can't enforce the so called debt without going to court ,in which I shall be only happy to appear.

Community Star

@Roger17 You should start your own topic rather than posting on an old thread, in all honesty though if you didn't pay any contract breakage fees and TalkTalk have since passed on your debt to a third-party I doubt there is much that you can achieve here. But as I say, start your own topic and the TalkTalk support team will give you a response.

Popular Poster
new to this , how do you do that ?
Community Star

OK, just go to the appropriate help section, in this case Billing and then click on Start a topic. To make it easier, here's a shortcut, you can just copy and paste your post from here into there: