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Contract breakage fee

Popular Poster

I thought we had heard the last of Talk Talk in Feb 2015 ( and not too soon) when i had finally had enough decided to go to Virgin and we have never looked back. Two years after and now they decided to pass on my account to debt collectors. For the shoddy and disgustingly poor service we had generally for the years we were with TT and in particular when started to complain about the broadband quality. Our problems started back in 2013/2014 and on and off engineers came and went promising us ''it is all ok now'' but it never was .Once the engineer never even bothered to come over the 3 days the service promised us. As I started to work from home it was crucial that we had quality connection most of the time. Problems worsened in Nov 2014 and after dozens of telephone calls and several engineers visits we  were no better ,even the engineers said he accepted the poor broadband quality in the house but he couldnt sort it. I just kept getting texts that the problem had been sorted ..... i kept texting back 'NOT FIXED ' ...I still have the dozens of texts stored in the phone. There seemed no communication between the engineer and the service centre. I did manage to get about £8 in compensation for poor service after after my nagging and was promised no one will chase me for any contract breakage fee.

Anyway we went over to Virgin in Feb 2015 as I had to have a decent internet ( and i have now ) to earn any money. Nothing for 2 years and now the audacity to ask for for contract breakage fee of £200 via a debt agency.

Can any one pleeese help or has had any experience of this ( 100's i bet ) .Presumably the agency can't enforce the so called debt without going to court ,in which I shall be only happy to appear.

Community Star

If you would like the online support team to look into this for you make sure that your personal details including the TalkTalk landline number as was are complete on your community profile here so that they can link your forum identity with your account and then give them a day or two to respond.


Popular Poster
Thanks Ferguson .....done as suggested.
Community Team

Hi Roger17


Because the account has been sold to a collection agency there isn't anything that we can do.  


We must advise you to contact 

Lowell Financial Ltd
PO Box 164
LS10 9EH




Popular Poster

Unbelievable ! my account was 'sold' to collection agency. Can I ask why my account was sold and is this legal ???, does TT have no shame at all .Rather than looking at the complaint from the customers side you cant wait to make as much money as you can. 

Please don't tell me there is nothing you can do ....I am sure you can return whatever you made from my case and deal with the compaint properly rather than washing your hands of it this the way you build your business ??





Problem Solver
You imply that the first time you knew of this outstanding balance was when the debt collection agency made contact
If this is true then I would suggest you have good grounds for appeal
If, however, you have just ignored previous correspondence then there would be little chance
Community Team

Accounts are sold to collection agencies once our internal collection process has been exhausted. The debt is bought by a collection agency, your account with Talktalk is closed, So the balance has to be discussed with the agency who now own it. 

Popular Poster

 Thanks for your message ( Grandad ??), i thought this was just a clear cut case that TT were just embarassed to talk to us after we moved to Virgin ( never looked back by the way ) . TT engineers tried to fix the problem for over 2 months and couldn't and i think we had given them ample opportunity to provide satisfactory service. The original complaint started over a year before. They even gave me a an £8 compensation although i knew they were initially demanding breakage fee I thought they would see sense and close the case until now 2 years after.

Something has to be done surely this would be 'day light robbery' ...i cant imagine any court would let them get away with it .

Insightful One
As the OCE said, TT must have been seeking to recover money from you and there will be a correspondence trail somewhere, no company will sell on a debt without making an concerted effort to contact the debtor.
If you knew they were seeking a cancellation fee, you should have received bills up until the date they sold the debt.
Popular Poster

Good Morning Wiseowl , yes when TT learnt learnt that i had left they sent me the outstanding bill and the contract breakage fee . I paid the bill completely, grudgingly as had received such poor shitty service, but of course not the fee . During the next 2 years i think they wrote to me once or twice but i always replied and phoned back telling them why i was withholding the fee. They never explained to me or challenged me about my complaint. Why should anyone customer pay for poor service ...when TT were given ample opportunity to put things right but they couldn't. A contract surely is a 2 way process with obligations and responsibilities for both . Reading from dozens of similar complaints on this forum this problem appears to be common you sign a contract for 18 months and one party is treated like *@#][!![]'#[@#]!* and the other party has no recourse ...where is the justice.

Enlightened One

If you have evidence that you were  "promised no one will chase me for any contract breakage fee" you have an argument.  There should be something in your dealing with TT where this was recorded.  Finding it 2 years later is probably a different story.

You could contact Citizens advice, or maybe you have some legal protection associated with a house insurance policy which could help.

You could also try emailing the CEO of Talktalk, which may (should) get a response, though Dido may be de-mob happy at the moment.

Good Luck!

Community Star

I doubt any response from the CEO's office would be different from that on here i.e. the debt has been passed on to a third-party, so no longer anything to do with TalkTalk.

Popular Poster

Thanks for all your suggestions Wise Owl.I doubt whether TT would release any recording which would not benefit them. Someone at higher up must know what goes on ...luckily i havent changed my phone for a few years and have all the text messages from TT and the engineers etc .....Any with TT must think twice before they renew any contract with them . As long as nothing goes wrong its fine but as soon as you need help .....they are quick to wash their hands of the problems and 'sell the account' to debt collector. Why shouldn't ccustomers allowed to move if they cant solve the problem.

We found Virgin very helpful ....Cheers

Popular Poster

Talk Talk have done this to me they didn't even say there was a charge for an engineer just billed me. 


Have you taken this up with the ombudsman.  If we all get together we should be able to take them down - I'm going to set up a 38 degrees page and take to House of Parliament.




Alison PHelan

Popular Poster
Hi Alison , Good luck to you ..TT seem to think they can get away with anything they like . I haven't taken it up with anyone else yet until I 've exhausted my rantings at the debt company ....How dare they 'sell ' my account to these pro bully boys .Keep whatever proof / evidence you have for however long .....They came after me after nearly 2 years and luckily I still had my old phone and all the text messages back and forth.
Roger 17