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Contract increase

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I renewed my contract in January 2021 for 18 months and have been with TT, and its predecessors for a long time.


Like others I have just received an email indicating that the contractual terms and conditions I signed up appear not to be worth the paper they are written on, with not just one but two price hikes within the contractual term... so much for 'fixed meaning fixed'.


I have provided the link to the MoneySavingsExpert website that first broke the news of this potential change, and din't think it would therefore apply to me as my contract was taken out between the dates given:


Does this mean that I will now have to search for other deals or face yet another contractual discussion when I ask to leave?


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@alchemist wrote:

What I will do though is contact Ofcom as if all companies are doing the same thing now then they may well need to look again at how they are ensuring consumers are getting a fair deal and that there is competiteveness in the market.

There is increasing competitiveness in the market, chiefly at the network level. Sadly, despite this, Ofcom remain in thrall to BT/Openreach and thus react accordingly, with a strange mix of protectionism and acceptance of their limitations. They truly are one of the most toothless regulators out there.


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@DEGSY541 i am paying just a bit more than u where offered for 150 fibre and free calls 


also fixed for 2 years and expert install and set up free 

Hope that help Regards Joe
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Thanks to everyone for their responses.


Given a number of you have managed to negotiate something that offsets the £2.50 increase ( I am not so bothered about the RPI element as that seems to be the norm for comms companies and many others, despite most changes to benefits and pensions being based on CPI... which is lower... so consumers will be worse off) I will see what happens when I call on Monday. Thanks for the tip about vodaphone... NOW also looks very competitive.


What I will do though is contact Ofcom as if all companies are doing the same thing now then they may well need to look again at how they are ensuring consumers are getting a fair deal and that there is competiteveness in the market.

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I am happy,it's £6.05p.better a month than what I would have been paying on July 15th.

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@DEGSY541 wrote:

came up with offer for 18 months of £28.95 for fibre 65 and anytime calls.I gladly accepted this!

That doesn't sound like a very good deal.

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@alchemist, the article you have quoted is now very out of date. Things have moved on at Talktalk since March, I am afraid. None of us saw the March price rise coming, and the current one that applies to those who took up Fibre35 or Fibre65 before March similarly came out of the blue.


It's very upsetting and does undermine trust, but even the older version of the Ts&Cs, clause 16, allowed them to do this, giving you 30 days to react: cancel if you want to leave without early termination fees or haggle to mitigate the impact.


From @DEGSY541's post, it sounds like there are still some better deals to be had from Talktalk if you wish to deal with them.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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I have just received e-mail from t/t saying from 15th.July,my package-fire 65 and anytime calls would increase to £35 a month from£32.50.I was on fixed price conreact for 18 months.I phoned 0345-172-0046 and told them I was not happy and was thinking of moving to Vodaphone,who had a good deal.Conversation was from english call centre and guy was very pleasant,came up with offer for 18 months of £28.95 for fibre 65 and anytime calls.I gladly accepted this!


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Was not on the phone, it was chat... so 'selective deafness' does not apply:-)... and it would be interesting to understand how 'chat' sits between 'verbal' and 'written' T&Cs.


Contract law does require you to be notified of 'material' elements, or else the written T&Cs could be seen as 'unfair'... this is a consumer contract after all, not a business contract which you would go through line by line! As far as I can remember other mobile and boradband providers have an asterisk by their prices, which refer the consumer to price rises during the contractual term... TT were not doing that in January this year, not sure whether they are doing it now as have not checked.


In the case of my chat, the agent has very clearly identified that it was only the fibre part of the contract that was fixed price... if that can be made clear then so could the 'fixed price' being subject to change. Otherwise could be seen as miss-selling if the agent (one assumes they are trained in the T&Cs) omits it from ther sales pitch.


The only reason nobody has gone to Court is because the sums involved are so small... so most people try to renogotiate (but clearly whatever you negotiate with TT isn't worth anything) or simply swap to another provider... there are plenty out there, with MoneySavingExpert providing regular updates.


Unfortunately, there is yet to be a definitive statement on 'portability' of email... many, including this household, are put off changing provider because they have a linked email address (I reckon I have been with Tiscali/TT for close to 20 years).


Looks as though it will have to be 0345 172 0046 for me.


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You are always pointed to the Ts and Cs that are available "on our website" !


The agent on the phone cannot read them all out to your, it's amazing how "selective deafness" kicks in when listening to that part of their script.


TT have invoked Clause 16.


The "we can increase our charges" was also in the previous Ts and Cs.


OFCOM have allowed TT to include that clause.


Your understanding of contract law in this case is not correct, this issue has been ongoing since February and not one single customer has managed to take TT to court.





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Have now located the text for the chat, which is where the contract was agreed.


Very clear that contract was 'fixed price'.


Also very clear that 'boosts' were outside of the fixed proce agreement.


Even clearer that procies could go up when the 'minimum term' was over and that in such cases 30 days notice would be given.


My limited understanding of contract law is that a 'verbal agreement' is a contract... the question is what is the legal status of chat and what happens when there is a discrepancy between what is agreed 'verbally', by 'chat' and terms and conditions.


Also, email confirmation of contract provides a link to terms and conditions, but clicking that now takes to the most recent version and not the one that existed at the moment in time when the contract was agreed.


I should say, fully understand the need for investment and always willing to pay a fair price, but I do want to be treated fairly... which means a 'promise' is indeed a promise... or perhaps I am simply old fashioned:-)