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Contract renewal T&C email

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I have made two phone calls to Talk Talk today lasting over an hour re renewing my contract. In each case I was offered a 24 month contract for broad band plus unlimited calls which I was happy to accept.
Unfortunately the reason for two calls is that it appears that Talk Talk cannot send the terms and conditions for the contract to my Talk Talk email address. I was informed at the end of my second call that Talk Talk no longer supports Talk Talk email addresses for this, even though I receive emails for my monthly bill, changes to the service etc. etc. I was advised that I require a Yahoo or similar address.
This can't be right...can it? A broadband provider that doesn't support it's own email addresses?


Support Team
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The new renewal process did not come into effect on our systems till the 24th just before the OP requested renewal, if they had renewed after the 24th the documents must and would have been sent.   I dont think there is way to retrospectively send them on renewals before the 24th.

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I think the member does need to respond to TalkTalk renewals in some recordable way to agree the terms of renewal prior to the renewal of contract taking place. This is as a result of the Ofcom General Conditions update of 17 June 2022.


The customer can agree over the 'phone to the key terms of the contract but if the member wishes to see in writing the details of the individual contract prior to agreeing a renewal then those details would have to be provided via email or post. Well, that's my understanding of the Ofcom requirements.


Having a non-talktalk email address for MyAccount offers the benefit of being able to use an unique and secure password for MyAccount login where that password is not the same as the email password. So I'd just go with that as a preferred solution to getting the email notifications of billing and in this case the pre-renewal contract details.

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Terms and conditions are found online, at the bottom of this page, If you are asking specifically about your plan etc. This can be found by logging into My Account and selecting package details tab.


Hope that helps.


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Hi GDMC54 


The TalkTalk contract renewal team are essentially the same team that set up contracts for new customers. New customers always register with a non-TalkTalk address so the system is set up to recognise a valid email address that's not a TalkTalk domain. TalkTalk are required to get the customer's express consent to the contract proposals before the renewal goes through.


Of course, existing customers may have a TalkTalk domain registered as the login for their customer MyAccount. The solution is just to go along with the process and have a non-TalkTalk domain.  This email address can be the email address you'd use for TalkTalk Mail password recovery and backup so it won't be a wasted opportunity to acquire a free Yahoo or Gmail address (or similar).

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