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Contract renewal - cannot get the plan on offer to new customers

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If I go to either of these two pages while not signed in to my TalkTalk account:

I see "Unlimited Fibre Broadband" being offered at £19.95 a month for an 18-month contract. Further down the page, under a heading "Offer terms for existing customers" it says "Offers for Fixed Price Plans advertised by TalkTalk are available to new and existing TalkTalk customers who have less than 90 days remaining within the minimum term of their old contract. Existing customers need to sign a new Fixed Price Plan contract."


My current contract ends in two weeks, but as soon as I sign in to my account the price jumps to £25 a month.


I have called TalkTalk to ask about renewing my contract twice. The first time I was initially quoted £25 a month, but when I mentioned the £19.95 a month plan currently being promoted I was transferred to the loyalty department. Unfortunately I was cut off about 20 seconds after being transferred. I waited to see if I would be called back, but I wasn't. So I called again and spoke to somebody else who said all he could offer me was the £25 a month contract. I was told the £19.95 a month offer was only available online. To add insult to injury, the last person I spoke to insisted on going through a long list of questions "to make sure I was on the best contract" and then tried to sell me a speed boost which I certainly don't need.


So what can I do please to get this offer?


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I don't have Chrome installed, but I did eventually get to use chat on Edge. I explained the problem, got transferred to loyalty and explained the problem again. Still not resolved though, they said it's an online offer only which they are unable to provide. I explained I've already tried to do this online and it's not working, so they suggested I try again in 24 hours. Sounds like a problem with the website and maybe it will get fixed in the next day or two. I'll try again and if it's not working in a couple of days I'll take it from there.


There is something you may like to try, to confirm what I'm seeing. Go to in a browser window where you are not signed in to TalkTalk and you should see "Unlimited Fibre Broadband" at £19.95 a month. Now go to the same page in a browser window where you already signed into your TalkTalk account, and if you get what I'm seeing the same broadband plan will be £25 a month.

Regards, greenwalker


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Getting more frustrating by the minute. I just tried in Chrome, and the chat link was there. Give it a try, once they decide they can't help just ask to be transferred to loyalty
Good luck
I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.

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Hi Divsec, thanks for the suggestions. I haven't seen any links for live chat today and I don't know an easy way to get to customer loyalty. So far I've spent 15 minutes on each of two calls to contract renewals and it's got me nowhere at all, so I've had enough of trying to phone.


Just realised that where the link to live chat should be, Firefox is just showing a blank red rectangle. Tried using Edge and it says "Live Chat Busy".


Regards, greenwalker



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Hi Green walker, did you try live chat and customer loyalty? 

I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.