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Just had an email saying my package  is going up 8th August  .. . My contract was fixed  ( 65 broadband and phone ) till the 4 auguat 2022 .. so can they do this it in any kind of small print that talk talk have .. if I knew if was so frustrating  getting intouch  I dont think I would of signed  up 

Sie gilly?️‍♂️?‍♂️

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Yes, @Siegilly, those of us on Fast Broadband and Faster Fibre got an increase in the spring, and now those on Fibre35 and Fibre65 are being treated to an increase if they joined before March.


Yes, it's disgusting. 


The thing to do is to ring 03451 720046 and haggle a reduction by renewing your contract with a better deal, or haggle a credit for the £2.50 difference to cover the remainder of your contract. 


However, next spring's increases will be calculated on the new headline figure for your package.


After getting the credit, if you go down this route, you can allow the money to be put towards one or two bills.


Then they will come in at the new price.


Talktalk has decided to invoke clause 16 of the Ts&Cs. Take a look at these at the foot of any TT page. They have also fiddled with clause 9, probably since you last looked.


Ofcom approves of such procedures, so we are not able to go to them to express our fury.


Just phone to explain why you are leaving,  haggle for a better deal or haggle for a credit. 


I'm afraid these are your only options - don't do nothing!

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.