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My 90 yr old mum has just taken out a 24 month contract & was under the impression it was a fixed price for the term of the package? Today she received an email saying her bill was to increase by £2.10 pm due to inflation? Does  this mean that Talktalk can increase her bill at anytime over the 24 month period & that she can not even cancel her contract without a penalty to find a cheaper alternative? What was the point of her taking a 24 month contract in the first place as it’s just a complete con. 


Support Team
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Hi Tarry


The increases are April to April in line with inflation in December, this has been well publicized since last April when the fixed price guarantee was ended. As it has been in place and planned for a year there is no option to cancel with no cancellation fee. 


Sorry for any inconvenience caused. 


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Talktalk has been publicising this new policy for over a year, @Tarry.


There's a full explanation here:


It's in the Ts&Cs (linked at the foot of any TT webpage) and shows in a link from "legal" too:


Scrolling through Talktalk's sales pages, such as this: she should also have seen this sort of notice, now updated to show next year:


 This doesn't happen any other time without giving customers the chance to leave without penalty within a 30 day notice period of the change.


This annual April increase has been built into the contract for a year and would have been in place when your mother signed up to the service. 


If you look carefully at competitors, you will find that they are doing the same - often 3.9% in addition to the rate of inflation rather than Talktalk's CPI plus 3.7%.


A very few customers may be exempt on grounds of vulnerability if they meet Talktalk's criteria, having pre-registered:



I'll move this to the billing section of the forum for further comment from staff. They reply Monday to Friday. 


Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.