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First Timer
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I haven't had a working internet connection from the first month of the contract that began at the end of July 2020. I have complained numerous times. I would call talktalk and the connection would work for 2 days and then stop again or not exactly work.


In december it stopped completely. I called talktalk and discuss my frustration and stated clearly that I will give talktalk 30 days to prove themselves and fix the issue. It is on the website also stating that 30 days should be allowed and if the issue persists then the customer can leave with no fees. I was told that a credit of £26 will be applied on my account. I didnt see that yet.


An engineer came to check the issue on the 9th of January and to my shock he informed me that the connection has been deactivated by talktalk. I called talktalk and instead I was told that everything is ok. Randomly I was offered an upgrade for a faster broadband in order for them to keep me as a customer.


An engineer was supposed to come for that upgrade on the 22nd of January 2021. I was later informed that there will be a delay for that. And I had to call talktalk and speak to 2 different people to finally discover that I will need to wait until late march for an engineer to come. However the engineer would need up to 4 hours to  install the new faster broadband. It wouldnt just happen automatically. Instead I was told that it will go active on the 19th anyway. How is that possible then? I've explained that I accepted the offer for an upgrade only because it would be done by the original date in order for the connection to finally work as we had no connection in the flat. I explained that in this case there is no point. Why wait until end of March without any connection and still pay bills? I was told to cancel the upgrade. I still dont understand the customer service of talktalk. The upgrade was cancelled on the 12th of January. I also received an email that confirms that.


I went and looked for a different internet provider. And although before I was ignored in many cases and did not receive basic support in the process suddenly now I had talktalk bombarding me with messages and emails and letters asking me to stay. I asked talktalk to stop their marketing department sending me all these messages. I spoke to 3 different people who apologised for the bad service and all confirmed they will not be any fees.


I then received a call from an engineer on the 22nd of January. When I asked him why he was coming to my address he replied that he didnt know why. He said he is a contractor and was told to come. When I asked him again what was he going to fix or work on he replied that he had no idea. I haven't met this engineer I only spoke with him over the phone. He also confirmed just like the previous engineer from the 9th of January that talktalk is really bad and it is good that I want to leave.


At that stage I was already waiting for the new internet provider to activate a connection on the 26th of January.


On the 22nd of January I received a text informing me that I have to pay £65 for the engineer visit although it never happened. Was this engineer not told anything by talktalk that the appointment was cancelled already 10 days before? This was confirmed by email after I spoke to a lady from talktalk on the 12th of January. I then called talktalk and heard that this amount will be credited to my account as clearly I was already in the process of leaving hence why on earth an engineer would come in to do what exactly? He didnt know either.


On the 26 of January I received an email informing me that I have to pay a bill of £19.99 which is for the period of 25 january and 20 something of February. Advance bill. For what? I already left talktalk by that date why would I pay for a future month when I wasn't even a customer anymore. I called talktalk and a lady said to me it will be a credit on the account instead. I requested to speak to a manager she asked for my number and assured me that the manager will definitely call me today the 27th of January. It didnt happen.


Just like it didnt happen in the past. Just like I never received a reply on any complain email I ever sent. Although 3 people informed me of the fact that there will be no fees I heard today that there will be a bill in February. For what exactly if I can ask. Is this not all dodgy and illegal? I have already emailed CISAS. I have got advice in regards to taking this to the small claims court. I am supposed to receive 3 different credits for all the mess talktalk has created and I dont see it anywhere. Instead all I can clearly see is that this company is trying to make me somehow pay for things that I shouldnt pay although repeatedly over the phone I heard that I dont need to do nothing or pay for anything.


Shouldn't I request also compensation?


Support Team
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Hi Nomayos


I can see since your post that you have resolved this via our live chat service. 


Can you confirm?


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@Nomayos, check in "transaction history" in case the credits show there in My Account. 


Leave the Direct Debit in place for now - anything that needs to be reclaimed is best done by using these details in My Account. 


For forum staff to identify your account, please add your Talktalk landline number to your community forum profile details. Go via your avatar/name; settings; Profile Wizard. 


This will enable staff on the forum to take a thorough look into this for you. 


It can take a couple of days or so to get a reply. 

Staff respond Monday to Friday and your thread is in the queue for attention. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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@Nomayos that's virtually unreadable.


Please edit with some paragraphs.