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It would be a HUGE help and far less frustrating if there was a dedicated customer services team and it could be actually based in United Kingdom instead of MANILLA! It would be easier for customers to understand them, and it would also be easier for them to actually understand our problems. Customers would be far less frustrated if they could quickly access help when frustrating problems arise AND be kept notified clearly and quickly of how things are progressing.

I have been extremely frustrated with TalkTalk CHAT help, we think they're going to help, THEN WE HEAR NOTHING MORE!. And we shouldn't need to go onto community chat to report serious frustrating issues, but I'm grateful they seem to do their best in very difficult circumstances, as the in-between people.

Any company with a good reputation, provides a GOOD customer service, but I certainly CAN'T say TalkTalk have achieved that. Perhaps one day TalkTalk customer services will be more efficient, but I won't hold my breath.


peter 123
Whizz Kid
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agree customers service should be here in the uk we  could then understand what they are saying peter 123

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@Pippin-05  thats why u have a good uk team on here that better than iether the other routes as in call chat but no email support 

Hope that help Regards Joe
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