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Customer service are not replying to my complaint emails. Lack of communication from Talk Talk.

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Please take note of my original complaint reference: CMP-121221


Question Reference #: 210615-000445


I sent an escalated complaint last week and the reply was that someone would be in contact with me on the 18th June. This did not happen. Considering Talk Talk is a communication company, the communication, or lack of, is what has caused this complaint and it is still continuing.


I wrote to you on 01/06/21 and had no reply, i then escalated it and received a response saying, as stated above that someone would be in contact with me on the 18th June. I am still waiting.


I have already raised my issue within Talk Talk but I feel that my issue is still unresolved. This is a desperate last resort to get someone real to listen to me and help.


Please find below my original email to Talk Talk.........


A default has been placed on this account and on my credit file which I would like to be removed as it is giving an unfair and misleading impression.


I opened my account with Talk Talk in October 2018, as you may be able to see from your files my monthly payments were on time each month (until March 2020).


As I was moving house in March 2020 i knew my contract wasn't up yet so I planned to call to pay the remaining balance owed. I tried calling several times at the end of March and begining of April, I couldn't get through to anyone and the online chat didn't seem to ever be working. I assumed at the time that the lack of service was due to the beginning of the pandemic. I did the only other thing that I could think of which was to email them to formally cancel my service, to be met with an automated reply and no further communication. I continued to try every so often over the next few months with no luck at all.


Due to exceptional circumstances regarding the pandemic and the lack of Talk Talk support availability I could not cancel my service or pay the remaining balance. This in turn resulted in the unfair default being applied to my file. The period of missed payments on my account was largely due to terrible communication and support from Talk Talk to enable me to speak to someone and pay my account then cancel my contract. The default applied is misleading to lenders and was due to the near to nonexistent service from Talk Talk at thay time.


I would like to have this looked at and corrected as it is not a fair reflection of my previous ‘on time’ payments with Talk Talk. I would like the default removed and this to be reflected on my credit file. 


I contacted Talk Talk a couple of months ago who said we had to contact Equifax to get the default removed. I contacted Equifax who merely looked the fact that there were missed payments on file, they looked at facts and figures but not the unethical placing of the default. They said that it needs to be the company who puts in for removal of the default because i was not happy with their service or them unfairly applying the default. 


I would like the default removed and my file to reflect that i was a good customer who paid on time every month. Good customer service is a customer right and this was non existent at the time im disputing.


My original complaint was on 1/5/21

I was told by Talk Talk to speak to Equifax and that the case was closed. Equifax said that Talk Talk had to remove it, not them. 

I then raised another query/complaint on 1/6/21 to be met with alot of blanket emails but no actual help.


I just need someone to look in to my case and help me, not just send automated  emails or read to me from a script. 


Im hoping someone from Talk Talk can help me on here.


Thanks in advance.




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Hi @Steven1875__


The CEO office can request the default is removed after an investigation. If you ask customer services to escalate your complaint they can start the process.  




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@Steven1875__  only your contact at the CEO Office can give you a definitive answer.




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Hi Arne


i have been back and forward with customer services whi have been giving me promise after promise with nothing happening.


i was told CEO are the ones who can remove the default, is that correct? I have asked many times what the procedure is for this and will I receive proper confirmation when/if it happens and no one gives me a definite answer. They’re all running on scripts. Its very very frustrating, there a definite language barrier there too.



Support Team
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Hi Steven1875__


It look like your complaint is now with our CEO office. Because of this, we on the community cannot interfere with any ongoing investigation. 


A manager within our CEO office will be in contact with you within the next 5 working days. 


I hope you get the resolution that you are looking for.