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First Timer
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I have been trying to find a customer service number or an email to let talk talk I want move over to another different provider, I'm really annoyed that I've been searching for about an hour but to no avail, honestly talk talk customer service is just downright terrible and everything you do they make it ten times harder like their trying to force you to stay with them, I hope someone can help me as this absolute madness.


also I'm trying to accesses my router settings but I input the ip address to do so it just says you are blocked, which is really silly because looking at the website theirs a random item on their that I want to remove and change the password on their, I don't need help changing that or doing I'm just wondering why I can't accesses the router settings.


Support Team
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Hi Rduffill


Sorry that you want to leave. 


Did you get through on the number given by martswain?


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@Rduffill to access the router settings you do not put in your public IP address.


You just use and the router login password, it is different to the WiFi password and is on the router body.


If you type "contact us" in the search box at the top of this page the first result offers several options including the phone number which is 0345 172 0088


If you wish to leave for another ISP that provides service over the same phone line you have now, just order from them and as gaining provider they will contact TT and arrange the takeover.


If you wish to end your service and move to full FTTP (BT, Virgin or others) you need to contact TT to cancel.