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Default Removal

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I have spent the last year or two fighting with and trying to understand how talktalk incorrectly report defaults to credit reference agencies and then get away without correcting them.

As briefly as possible, talktalk informed me my account had been sold to lowell, it was in good standing and they could not give me any information as to why. They informed me they could not take that months payment as they literally could not access my account anymore.

Obviously this caused me to default, for the sake of £60.

Fast forward after many many conversations and talktalk admitted I was given incorrect information from the advisor and that the advisor had been looking at a completely different account from years before.

Despite this they say the default is still valid as technically I did owe the money. Not taking in to account that they were the ones who refused payment.

Having had time to research every aspect of the situation and given that they are using CEDR as they're right hand man, (you only need to check trust pilot) I believe I am now ready to present my situation to the media and shine the spotlight on the corruption taking place within this organisation.

I will be taking out a mortgage in the next 12 months but refuse to do so with my credit report tarred by this false information.

S Davies

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Hi StevenDavies19


If the issue has been through our complaint process and then reviewed by the ombudsmen (CISAS) who are impartial and will have reviewed both sides of the case, if they have upheld our side that the charges were valid then the default is correct. 


As stated by other posters, there isn't anything further that we can do on the community. 





Community Star
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The forum has a queuing system, @StevenDavies19, but it's automated. 


After first posting, it's best not to add more information until a staff member has replied, as each post delays the progress of your thread in the workflow. I'll re-escalate it now, but you won't see a reply from TT staff before next week as they don't usually work weekends. 


I hope that helps explain the lack of response so far! Please wait for them to reply next week. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Yes that certainly appears to be the next step.

Funny how the advisors or whatever they are dont comment on cases such as this.

Lets see if they can restore faith and explain how the recorded phone calls went missing from my SAR.

Once again I urge everyone to download a call recorder app and use it with every communication you have with talktalk, it'll be your only evidence when things go wrong.

S Davies

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If your are sure your allegations are true, take it to court.


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@martswain I have no doubt that posting here will not do anything to remove the pathetic £60 default, but I will get it removed mark my words.


On the contrary I believe a public forum is just the place for such information, especially when its factual.

The trust pilot reviews are starting to make talktalk an open book.

Would you care to elaborate as to why its not the wisest course of action?

Posting this information on a public forum is just the start, with regards to the type of exposure I intend give this shocking excuse of company

S Davies

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@StevenDavies19  if the complaint has already reached deadlock with TalkTalk and been to CEDR, posting here is not going to get you anywhere.


Accusing a company of evidence tampering and corruption in a public forum is not the wisest course of action.




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Sorry but I would politely disagree.

My subject access request had been tampered with and all the relevant information and recorded phone calls deleted.

Being in cahoots with a another organisation who are supposed to be impartial (CEDR)


Using these things to achieve financial gain is corruption my friend, trust me.


Im still deciding which avenue to go down with my case, however I believe the further I take my case and as more information unveils, the more the media would be interested.

S Davies

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Sorry, it's not corruption, just a series of unfortunate mistakes.


Best of luck trying to get the media interested.