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Disputing engineer charge on bill

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Hi, writing this here as I had far better luck with this forum than the Live Chat service last time I needed help.


I have a £40 TalkTalk engineer charge on my latest bill that I would like to dispute.  Here is the backstory:


I have Fibre 150, a product.  I've had an intermittant connection issue since the beginning: sometimes the line is fine for weeks, other times it will drop out perhaps once per day, taking a couple of minutes to reconnect.  About 5-6 weeks ago this got much worse, with 5-10 line drops per day for a week (the relevant lights would go off on the white Openreach modem, so it was clearly not a problem with my own network/devices).


This was disruptive enough that I reached out to the Live Chat service.  The first few sessions were little more than the chat operator running some remote diagnostics ("your connection currently looks fine") and confirming the right things were plugged into each other, usually concluding that there "must" be a problem with my devices or WiFi(!)  Meanwhile the line drops kept happening.  Eventually, a TalkTalk "BrightSpark" engineer visit was arranged for 5th May.


Given the intermittancy, the engineer had little chance of tracking down the problem, and ironically the line was stable for the last few days before his visit.  Frustratingly, the engineer said he could not even access the Openreach router, e.g. to view the disconnects/reconnects in the connection logs.  Ultimately, the engineer advised that the problem was almost certainly in Openreach territory, and if the line drops started again, I should contact TalkTalk again and ask for it to be elevated to Openreach.


Indeed, the line drops started happening again the very next day, and eventually an Openreach visit was arranged, but that is beyond this post.


Anyway, a £40 charge has now appeared on my bill for the TalkTalk engineer visit, despite the problem not being with my own devices and persisting even after the visit.  Both the Openreach engineer and one of the many Live Chat operators were able to "see" (presumably in some log files) the disconnects/reconnects that I had been having, so it should be clear that I am not inventing the whole thing!


How can I go about getting this charge reversed?  Thanks


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@Bluelight Please start your own topic and the support team will be happy to help. 


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Thank you for sorting this out so quickly.  I can confirm that the refund has been applied.


Support Team
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Hi @Verdim


Thanks for your post. 


I have investigated the charge and it will be removed from your latest bill, You can see it in the transaction history in My Account. 


Sorry for any inconvenience caused